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Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis is a condition of the skin that can affect the elbows, knees, hands and lower back. Many people can also have scalp psoriasis as well. Though there isnít a cure there are many treatments that can help to soothe the condition and alleviate some of the conditions.

Goal Of Treatments

The idea behind treating psoriasis is to interrupt the cycle of skin cell production which will reduce inflammation and therefore the formation of plaques. It also is meant to remove any of the scales and leave the skin smooth afterward. This is usually done with topical treatments. There are actually three different treatments for psoriasis that are commonly used. They are as follows:

Treatments Applied Topicallypsoriasis treatment

These are creams, ointments or specialized shampoos used to treat moderate cases of psoriasis. Anti-inflammatory drugs like topical corticosteroids are used to calm the condition down. These are available by prescription. Their purpose is to slow the turnover of cells down. It does so by suppressing the immune system and many are excellent psoriasis treatments.

Another treatment is Vitamin D analogues.

This treatment uses vitamin D in synthetic form which will slow down skin cell growth. This is also a treatment that is often given by prescription. If not used as directed it can actually irritate skin. Some people will also go through a treatment using Anthralin. This product is proposed to stabilize DNA, which helps to keep cell growth normal. It also can make skin smoother by removing the scales or plaques common with psoriasis. There are many other topical ingredients that are used, some of which are discussed with shampoos.


It has been discovered that sun light and UVB rays are good for treating psoriasis. This can be done by simply getting out in the sun for small periods of time, using tanning beds or other UVB lights. Itís good to check with a doctor and proceed carefully as sunburn can certainly worsen the condition.

Injections Or Prescriptions

With severe cases that people canít treat with over the counter products a doctor may prescribe one of a few different injections such as Retinoids (along the vitamin A family) or Hydroxyurea.


If youíre looking for a good shampoo that you can get over the counter to help with your psoriasis the first thing youíre going to want to look at is the ingredients. Shampoos with coal tar can prove very useful for the condition.

Coal tar is useful for minimizing the inflammation of the skin and even reducing irritation and redness. In addition, youíll notice fewer scales and flakes. It is quite often the active ingredient in many shampoos used for psoriasis. In case the scent of this shampoo isnít for you there are other products you can try.

Consider a shampoo with zinc pyrithione for psoriasis relief. This ingredient is useful in breaking up dead skin which builds up to form the plaques that cause the greatest amount of irritation with psoriasis. It is one of the gentlest shampoo ingredients so is often recommended for those with sensitive skin or mild cases of psoriasis.

The same applies to shampoo with tea tree oil in it. This is because of the antiseptic qualities it has. This can reduce irritation as well as infection; in addition the oil will help to moisturize the dry skin. Finally, Salicylic acid is an important and very common ingredient in most psoriasis shampoos.