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Dermal Em Sunburn Relief
Dermal Em | Sunburn relief

Soothing, Healing Sunburn Relief

Soothes, cools and heals sunburned skin!

  • Deep moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Brings soothing relief to sunburns while moisturizing, protecting and healing with Emu Oil, Aloe, Menthol & Vitamin E!
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Dermal Em Sunburn Treatment

Emu Oil, Menthol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Used in Australia for thousands of years for sunburn relief and to treat burns and rashes, Emu Oil and Vitamin E provide soothing relief to sunburned skin.

Its deep penetrating and naturally moisturizing properties help to heal burned skin and promote new skin cell development.

Soothing Sunburn Treatment - An anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, Dermal Em calms and soothes inflamed skin, reduces peeling, and moisturizes dry skin allowing the fastest regeneration of new, healthy skin.

Sunburn Causes

Sunburn is caused by too much exposure to the sun. The sunís ultraviolet light includes UVB (burning ray) and UVA (tanning ray) light wavelengths. UVA is what causes skin damage, including skin cancer, advanced aging and wrinkling.

Sunburn happens when skin is damaged primarily by overexposure to UVB radiation. Reddening (and blistering) of the skin is due to injury and swelling of blood vessels close to the skin's surface. Burns may begin a few minutes after exposure and can worsen for several days.

While tanning and burning are both forms of skin damage, they are two separate processes resulting primarily from different types of UV radiation.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and can produce tanning without burning though can result in sunburn. UVB rays can also tan but are the primary cause of sunburn and skin cancer. Melanin in the epidermis absorbs UVA and UVB radiation.

Treatment & Prevention

While avoiding sunburn altogether is the best remedy and advice, avoiding prolonged exposure is the best bet - even a single, severe burn at an early age can result in non-reversible damage.

The best sunburn remedies and treatments bring relief to the burn as well as heal the skin by penetrating through the epidermis to the dermis and deeper layers necessary for severe sunburn relief. Though cooling with lidocaine-based skin care products is useful for temporary pain relief, antiseptic and healing properties are necessary to avoid damaged skin.

Wearing adequate, protective clothing and remaining shaded is most helpful when combined with SPF 30 or above sunscreen. Ensure you thoroughly cover exposed skin - the most common burns are where someone "missed a spot"! - leaving your back, face, stomach or legs with interesting, hard to hide patterns?!

If burned, try the following:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated
  • Dab or pat a cool, wet compress against damaged skin
  • For painful burns, use lidocaine and aloe vera products to cool and provide a topical antiseptic

Most burns peel within 3-6 days...avoid physically peeling; the exposed skin can become infected and is very sensitive

Apply and maintain a hydrating moisturizing cream. Hydration promotes faster healing, and clinically proven oils (Dermal Em) heal and soften and ward off bacteria and inflammation

100% pure Emu Oil is a deep penetrating, natural moisturizer that helps eliminate scars, stretchmarks, treat acne and skin rash, moisturize dry skin and eliminate skin irritation, and redness. An all-natural anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti inflammatory, Emu Oil and soothes and moisturizes skin.

Its transdermal properties allow it to penetrate deep into the skin where skin problems start. Apply several drops to face or body and massage. We guarantee that it is the softest and most hydrated that your skin will ever feel. The most natural skin care product without preservatives! Also, a good skin cream for chemical burns!

Does The Use Of Menthol Help Sunburn Relief?

Sunburns are very common, especially during the summer months and they can be a big hassle. They will leave your skin sensitive and bright red for weeks if not taken care of properly. Some people are more prone to sunburns than others, but no matter your skin type, you are likely to get at least the occasional sunburn. We all know of several remedies to help relieve the pain and itchiness and allow the burns to heal faster but not all of these treatments work equally. One of the most commonly suggested remedies is using menthol.

What Is Menthol?

Menthol is a naturally occurring organic compound that can be found in mint as well as several other plants. It can either be extracted from the plant or created synthetically and is found in various health and beauty products. Menthol is associated with a cooling and slightly anesthetic affect and because of that it is a very common ingredient in cough medicines and cough drops. It is also used to help relieve mild pains such as headaches or muscle cramps. One of the places that you will most commonly find menthol is in shaving cream as it is used to help alleviate razor burn

What Causes Sunburn?

The main cause of sunburn is simply an overexposure to the UV rays of the sun, mostly to the UVB rays specifically. When the body protects itself from the sun, there is increased blood circulation near the skinís surface and this is what causes the reddening and blistering. They can start within minutes of exposure to the UVB rays and in some cases may last for days.

Does Menthol Help?

Menthol does indeed help relieve the pain associated with sunburn. That is because when it is applied to the skin, menthol will stimulate the cold receptors of the body, which is why you experience a cooling sensation when you apply it to your skin. It is important to note that it does not actually change the temperature; it simply gives the impression of coolness, soothing the sunburn.

Menthol is also known by several other names, like peppermint camphor and hexahydrothymol. It is a compound extracted from the peppermint plant. Menthol is easy to apply because even though it is solid at room temperature, it melts readily at body temperature.It also binds to receptors (kappa opioid receptors) which control our perception of pain, which is why it is able to produce anesthetic properties that relieve the pain associated with sunburn.

Where Can You Find It?

We already mentioned that menthol is commonly found in shaving creams to reduce the effects of razor burn. This is why you will find that a common suggestion for soothing sunburn is to put some shaving cream on your burn. Another good place to find menthol is in creams or gels designed to treat sunburn. Because scientists know that it provides relief, many companies have added menthol to their topical sunburn ointments. It can also be found in many aloe vera gels where it works together with the aloe to sooth and heal your skin.

Made in the USA

  • Soothes, cools & heals sunburned skin
  • Deep moisturizing Emu Oil, Menthol, Aloe & Vitamin E
  • Anti Bacterial & Anti Microbial
  • Transdermal properties penetrate deep into skin
  • Promotes healthy skin care
  • Anti infammatory
  • excellent cream for chemical burns also

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5 of 5 Instant relief February 16, 2016
Reviewer: Mary from Canton,OH  
We all just came home from the beach and yes we brought some painful sunburns home with us. I searched the web for some type of oinment to relief the pain and came across this product..thank the lord b/c it worked wonders.

5 of 5 Dermal EM February 16, 2016
Reviewer: Aron T from GA,††  
I love this product it just started warming up here and I was out in the sun all day and have a sunburn. I used this product for the 1st time and to my suprise it worked great wonders.  I love it thanks so much.

3 of 5 sunburn February 16, 2016
Reviewer: LIZ BROWN from ROCHESTER, NY United States  
not used as yet