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DHT Blocking Hair Kit
DHT Hair Loss Kit

A complete DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit! This is the ULTIMATE combination to use in the campaign against hair loss & hair thinning due to the number one cause, DHT. This kit also promotes new healthy hair growth while inhibiting the conversion of enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.

  • 12 oz DHT Blocker Shampoo~ New Formula
  • 30 day supply of DHT Vitamins
  • 2oz Emu Oil for Hair Loss
  • 2oz Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss
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Size: A Complete Hair Loss Solution!

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DHT Blocker Kit ~ New & Improved Formula's for blocking DHT ~ by HHP

As our clients know, we are actively finding new ways in which to combat hair loss & hair thinning – these two conditions are often linked to the abbreviation DHT – also known as Dihydrotestosterone – a form of testosterone produced in our bodies which – if left unmanaged – can cause hair loss as well as poor hair condition.

With Ginseng Root Extract, Soy Protein, Green Tea and Zinc PCA being just a few ingredients of this power packed product combination, we are confident that we can help our clients in the management of hair loss and DHT blocking against hair loss.

A few reasons why our combination is the best:

Did you know that green tea stimulates testosterone and prevents it from being changed into DHT – a leading cause of hair loss / thinning? Also, Zinc PCA works on the sebaceous glands to regulate the produced amount of sebum (oil) which in turn assist in controlling oil scalp / hair conditions. 3HC Stimulation Complex is all about longevity – ensuring that the lifetime of hair is optimized as well as increasing the return of the Human Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells and this results in better hair growth.

Our Powerful Hair Care Combination – offering a barrier to hair loss as well as premium hair protection!

The comprehensive DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit includes: Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss. Emu Oil that contains a high level of linolenic acid which further research has shown to be an efficient antiandrogen, testosterone blocker. Linolenic acid is a potent 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and is useful in the treatment of disorders related to DHT. DHT Blocking Vitamins with Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Folic Acid, and much more. And last but not least our newly formulated DHT Blocker Shampoo with Zinc PCA and Kapilarine to help block DHT while promoting new healthy hair growth.

This is the ULTIMATE combination to use in the campaign against hair loss & hair thinning.


  • Comprehensive DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit
  • Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss
  • Emu Oil for Linolenic acid, 5 alpha reductase inhibitor
  • DHT Blocking Vitamins to bolster and speed up the hair growth process
  • Deep cleansing DHT Shampoo that works from the root up
  • The ultimate weapon against hair loss and unhealthy hair condition
  • A powerful DHT blocker for Women
  • Proven as the best DHT blocker for men

Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss

DHT Blocker actively defends your scalp against the effects of DHT, a modified type of testosterone which attaches itself to any genetically predisposed hair follicles you may have.

Male & Female pattern baldness have both been linked to DHT as their cause – particularly for men. As the DHT builds up in your body, particularly found in the sebum in your scalp it connects to compromised androgen receptors on any genetically predisposed follicles.

With DHT forming, the blood supply to these hair follicles is actively attacked – leading to accelerated hair thinning and baldness.

We advise our clients to ensure that they include scalp stimulation in their hair care routine AS WELL as making use of this product.

Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss is a safe and healthy DHT Blocker for several reasons:

This product works specifically on DHT forming in your scalp, it does not affect other parts of your system

Ingredients are non- synthetic and gentle to scalp & hair.

  • Expedited and healthy hair growth
  • Targets the hair line & crown of the head, preventing pattern baldness

Research has shown that in excess of 90% of women using products containing Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss ingredients have confirmed success in tackling hair thinning & hair loss.

Emu Oil has been described as a miracle cure and healer in the health industry.

The high density Essential Fatty Acids contained in this oil is attributed to the amazing hair growth experienced by users. Emu Oil is a dual purpose product that can be utilized in both your skin & hair moisturization regime.

A few drops in your bath water will leave your skin as soft as a feather, by using the same small amount in a scalp massage you will encourage new hair growth and further strengthen the fight against hair loss.

  • Attributed to new hair growth
  • Omega 3 properties which promotes healthy hair properties
  • Often used in the treatment of dry scalp and dry hair due to the high level of moisturization created
  • This product is also a hair growth stimulant as it activates the hair follicle. Taken in conjunction with hair vitamins, this is the perfect package.

Clients have the option of adding Emu Oil drops to their own shampoo or alternatively purchasing an Emu Oil specific shampoo product.

DHT Blocking Vitamins are the best hair vitamins available on the market – you can get, what differentiates our product from the competition is the competitive pricing!

These DHT blocking vitamins, designed to prevent hair loss, used in conjunction with Topical DHT Blocker for Hair Loss, DHT Shampoo & Emu Oil will have your hair growing 2 or 3 times faster than usual.

In an ever-busy generation, we are quick off the mark to ensure that we have enough physical & mental energy however we often forget the crowning glory…our hair!

  • Accelerated rate of growth
  • Longer, healthier locks
  • Minimize & prevent hair loss and / or damage
  • Supplies all important amino acids needed to strengthen hair structure

DHT Shampoo provides a thorough deep cleanse, from the base of the hair follicle to the tip of the strand. By using DHT Shampoo, clients remove the sweat build up on their scalps and free up the follicle openings for optimum hair growth. DHT Shampoo is used to manage sebum levels as well actively equalizing scalp & hair conditions. Oily scalp will become a thing of the past. This product is an essential in regular hair care maintenance.

  • A thorough cleanse that is kind to scalp & hair alike
  • A perfect foil for blocking DHT
  • Regulates sebum build up
  • Adds moisture

*Results Vary

    • Powerful DHT Blocker
    • Deep cleaning DHT shampoo that promotes new healthy hair growth
    • Emu Oil to block DHT, promote new growth and beneficial as a carrier oil