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DHT Blocker Shampoo
DHT Blocking Shampoo
DHT Blocker Shampoo by Healthy Hair Plus

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This shampoo blocks enzymes that turn testosterone into DHT.
DHT build up can cause hair loss and thinning in both men and women.

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DHT doesn't stand a chance!

This shampoo helps inhibit the conversion of 5-alpha reductase enzymes to DHT - a leading cause of hair loss and thinning that is common in men and women. Formulated with Kapilarine, Green Tea and Zinc to combat hair loss and thinning from DHT. Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of baldness where hair at the temples and on the crown will slowly thin and eventually disappear.

Kapilarine complex is a natural treatment for hair loss and hair growth, and is basically a combination of natural extracts of Kigelia Africana, Salvia, Cinnamon and Gingko biloba. The Kapilarine complex is blend of botanicals that proved to be one of the most efficient treatments against hair loss and works wonders when it comes to hair growth. It boosts microcirculation and cellular metabolism in the scalp, and reduces inflammation contributing to seborrhea. Kigelia africana is often cultivated ornamentally, but Tanzanian tribes have long used its fruits as well as leaves and bark to all sorts of treatment uses for generations. When combined with Salvia, Cinnamon and Gingko biloba extracts, it inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, the action of which can contribute to hair loss, while Ginkgo biloba efficiently stimulates microcirculation, reactivating the hair’s natural life cycle.

Green Tea Extract helps fight hair loss by reducing DHT and Cholesterol. It also helps promote new healthy hair growth. Green Tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties that help improve hair growth by helping maintain the collagen, or the hair follicles' connective tissue. It also protects the cells in the blood vessels of the scalp to create healthy hair growth.

Zinc PCA offers several advantages for hair loss or chronically oily scalp and hair. Zinc PCA helps regulate the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum (oil) on our skin and scalp. Equally effective, Zinc PCA also helps block DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in men and women.

To understand baldness, we need to understand hair growth.

The following is a brief summary of normal hair growth:

• Anagen: the growth phase. Hairs remain in this phase for 2-6 years. The longer this phase lasts, the longer the hair grows. Normally around 85% of the hairs on the head are in this phase

• Catagen: this phase lasts only 2 weeks and allows the follicle to renew itself

• Telogen
: this is the resting phase where the follicle lies dormant and can last from 1-4 months. Normally 10-15% of hairs are in this phase.Once this phase is over and anagen begins again, the existing hair is pushed out of the pore by the new growth and naturally sheds.

Here are some key points about DHT

• Testosterone is turned into DHT by enzymes.
• DHT is five times more potent than testosterone.
• More than half of men are likely to experience male pattern baldness mediated by DHT.
• DHT is an androgen and helps give males their male characteristics.
• DHT causes hair follicles to miniaturize.


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    4 of 5 It's too early to tell February 19, 2024
    Reviewer: Deborah Reimer from Avon Park, FL United States  
    I purchased the DHT blocker shampoo to help reduce hair loss. It's too early to tell if it is working, but I will continue to use it.

    5 of 5 Great Cleanser January 19, 2024
    Reviewer: Albert Vidovic from Whitmore Lake, MI United States  
    Cleanses very well.. Feels great. Too early to tell its efficacy.

    5 of 5 Great January 13, 2024
    Reviewer: Krystal Bertrand from Las Vegas, NV United States  
    Shampoo leaves hair residue free.  Looks great.

    5 of 5 July 30, 2023
    Reviewer: Stella Kenton from Ventura, CA United States  

    5 of 5 Hair growth July 25, 2023
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Blytheville , AR United States  
    I have been using this product a while . I love the way it makes my hair and scalp feel the product is really working to help control the DHT levels in my scalp.

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