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Why Is Chamomile Used For Skin Products?

For many years, chamomile has been used in many different forms because of its anti-inflammatory properties among other benefits. Although chamomile is grown in many parts of the world, only two main types are found in products today: Roman and German.

Roman chamomile is more commonly used to soothe emotional irritation while German chamomile is more commonly used in skin care because it has a higher concentration of Chamazulene. This herb has actually been used in medicine for centuries to cure gastrointestinal health issues. The Ancient Egyptians used it both to cure fevers and as a way to cool down.

Why It Works

The part of the chamomile plant that provides such great results is its small daisy-like flowers. That is because these flowers have high quantities of certain essential oils your skin needs to thrive.

The plant also contains flavonoids which are antioxidants that can help protect the body against free radicals which would otherwise cause damage. The herb also contains several chemicals that are known to reduce swelling as well as promote relaxation. Although it is common as a drink, especially in tea, it is also a key ingredient in many skin care products due to its effectiveness and versatility.


One of the reasons that chamomile is so commonly found in skin products is because it is an all-natural alternative to harsh chemicals.

While many products will rely on these chemicals to achieve results, it can be damaging in the long run and even end up providing the opposite of the desired effect. That is not an issue with chamomile as it is perfectly safe. Even better, it is very gentle and it is unlikely that someone will have an irritation or allergic reaction to it, making it an ideal ingredient for skin products.

All Skin Types

Many products on the market are targeted towards certain skin types because the ingredients are only effective in particular situations but that is not the case for chamomile. That is because this herb works well with even sensitive skin and ideal for red, dry or hot skin.

It also has anti-allergic properties that mean that it can do well with most skin types and that people are even less likely to have an allergic reaction to it than they would with other natural ingredients.


Another bonus of chamomile that has led to it being included in various skin products is its anti-inflammatory nature. The ingredients in Chamomile promote cell regeneration as well as granulation.

The herb contains phenols that have healing and antiseptic qualities thus helping to fight infections. This is why it is such a common ingredient in serums and creams designed to relieve eye inflammation, sores, rashes and even burns.

It can also be found in moisturizers as well as night creams that are designed to hydrate the skin. It can even help with problems such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, diaper rash as well as bacterial skin diseases, making it an incredibly useful ingredient in all types of skin products.