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Zinc Shampoo | Benefits For Your Hair

Zinc shampoo has become a staple for many fighting chronic dandruff, oily hair and addressing some of the causes of hair loss. It is excellent for reducing controlling and regulating excess sebum and oiliness and is gentle for sensitive scalps prone to irritation and inflammation.

Zinc is one of the essential trace elements that humans need to consume on a regular basis. It is no surprise to most people that in addition to helping normal bodily functions, zinc and zinc shampoo has numerous benefits for your hair. It helps soothe the scalp and skin and is crucial to hair health. Those with zinc deficiencies may notice hair that is dull, thin or excessively oily. As a result, a shampoo with zinc as a primary active ingredient can be very helpful.

Fight DandruffFollicleanse shampoo with Zinc

In many cases, people who suffer from dandruff have a zinc deficiency and because of this, shampoos with the mineral are one of the most popular treatments for this condition. People with dandruff will experience their scalp itching, crusting and flaking but zinc can stop this. It will decrease the rate at which the skin cells grow, meaning that there is less of the flaking associated with dandruff.

A specific type of the element, zinc pyrthione (Zinc PCA) is especially useful for treating this condition. In addition to its normal beneficial properties, Zinc PCA is also and antifungal and antibacterial agent. It helps reduce the chances of bacteria causing dandruff and scalp infection.

Controlling Oily Hair

When someone is experiencing oily hair, it is generally because their sebaceous glands are overactive, producing too much sebum (oil). When you use a zinc shampoo, your oily locks will notice a benefit as the elements in the wash will stop your sebaceous glands from producing so much sebum. The mineral can even absorb some of this oil that has already been produced and when combined with the decrease in oil production, this can be the answer for those who suffer from oily hair.

Reducing Hair Loss

Shampoos that contain zinc have also been linked to preventing hair loss although experts still need to do more research to confirm the connection. They do know, however, that this element helps strengthen your locks, including the stem and root. This means that it is less likely to fall out. It can also help increase the rate of hair growth and this is crucial for those with thinning. Using a zinc shampoo will ramp up the growth cycle and improve thinning from hair loss.


If you are looking for a hair care routine that includes a zinc shampoo, there are multiple options no matter the effect you are looking for.

Head and Shoulders is an option for those who want to use this element to fight dandruff and are on a budget. It uses the specific form zinc pyrithione and has since 2007. Follicleanse is also a
zinc shampoo that is particularly effective for addressing oily hair and dandruff. It has natural anti-fungal properties and works very well as a periodic clarifier for built-up hair products residue.

Denorex also contains the same active ingredient, but in larger quantities (2 percent). This option fights dandruff by decreasing skin cell production. It is also possible to find options that are designed to help those with thinning hair such as John Masters Organic Zinc and Sage.