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Yeast and Itchy Scalp – The Relationship

Yeast overgrowth that occurs in the body is referred to as candida and although most people don’t realize it, is one of the most common causes of itchy scalp. Overproduction of yeast can combine withe sebaceous oils introducing and promoting bacteria.

Candida lives everywhere and it is completely normal to have a specific quantity within every portion of the body including the scalp and other areas of the skin as well as internal organs such as the stomach and bladder and even the ears and eyes. While in normal quantities, candida serves a specific function, when it overproduces, it can lead to harmful (at least, irritating) side effects.


Although the yeast candida is one of the most common causes of itchy scalp, there are several others as well. In many cases it is due to seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, but it can also be due to other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or sunburn. Sometimes it is caused by the presence of an irritant such as a product in soap, shampoo or hair dye.

Other possible causes include, hypothyroidism, anxiety, folliculitis or head lice. Despite these causes, experts agree that the most common cause is dandruff brought on by oily scalp and over-active sebacious glands..

Dandruff and Yeastshampoo for dry itchy scalp and scalp bumps

Dandruff is closely linked to yeast and because of this, candida or yeast is considered one of the most common causes of itchy scalp. Experts believe that one of the possible causes of dandruff is the overgrowth of yeast. When this happens, the scalp will become irritated and more skin cells will begin to grow.

These extra cells will die and then fall off and appear as the white flakes associated with dandruff. This entire process can be triggered by an excessive amount of yeast, either candida or the specific fungus that is yeast-like named malassezia. Dandruff shampoo will typically address and attempt to regulate sebaceous oils and or to moisturize a scalp that has become dry and flaky. Shampoos and conditioners that contain Zinc are often effective for its ability to regulate and control oils. Shampoos with Emu Oil or Panthenolare very good for conditioning and moisturizing the scalp, as well.

Other Symptoms of Yeast Overgrowth

Because itchy scalp can also be due to other conditions such as dryness or a skin problem such as eczema, it is important to look for other indications of yeast overgrowth to determine if that is the cause. Other possible symptoms of excessive candida or other yeasts include an increase in allergies, asthma or hay fever.

Other symptoms include bruising more easily than normal, having tenderness or pain on the forehead, cold-like symptoms, cravings for high carb foods, digestive problems, ringing in the ears, eye floaters, flu like symptoms, skin lesions, fungal infections, and more. Most people will not experience all of these symptoms but a doctor or dermatologist can help you determine the specific cause of your itchy scalp and whether a yeast overgrowth is involved.

Naturally Reducing Yeast Levels

If your itchy scalp is due to the presence of excessive yeast, then the good news is that you can usually eliminate naturally by taking simple steps to change your dietary habits. First you should eliminate foods that encourage the growth of candida including sugar, gluten and refined carbs.

You can also take steps to improve your immune system by eating good oils and fats or consume specific foods that have anti-fungal properties and therefore fight yeast such as garlic, apple cider vinegar and olive leaf extract.

Yeast (candida) serves a vital function. When overproduced and combines with oils or fluids, yeast propagates development of yeast or fungus - thus, causing itching, irritation, dandruff, and in some cases, inflammation. Antifungal treatments, use of Zinc and moisturizing agents in shampoos and conditioners, can dramatically cut-down on itchiness.
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