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Women’s Short Hair Styles You Will Love!

Want to Have a Fuss-Free, Low Maintenance Style?

Just how short are you willing to go when it comes to chopping off your precious locks? Do you think that you can get away with an ultra-short haircut which is kept close to your scalp? Or do you just want to have a short hair style that is fuss-free and low maintenance that will give you that just-out-of-bed look?

No matter how short you are willing to go, the good thing about opting for short hair styles is that they will not hide the beauty of your face.

Sporting an ultra-sleek and short hair cut will give you the freedom to accessorize with stylish earrings that will match your look. It will also save you some prep time out of your beauty routine because you wouldn’t have that much hair to blow-dry before going about your daily activities.

Now, before opting for one of the many short hair styles which are available, make sure to consult with your stylist first. Naturally, there are short hair styles which would look great on a woman with a round-shaped face, for example, but it may not necessarily work for someone with a strong jaw line.

If you don’t want to spend a few months having a bad hair day, have a long talk with your stylist first about what you should expect from the short hair styles that you can get – and make sure that you will be satisfied with the end results.

A Collection of Short Hair Styles that Women Will Love

So what exactly are the types of short hair styles that women can go for? Take a look at the following list:

  1. Pixie Hair Cut - Perhaps one of the most popular short hair styles of all time is the pixie hair cut. It’s the one which Audrey Hepburn wore in one of her black-and-white films where she looked adorable despite having an ultra-short hair style. For today, you can update this pixie cut by going for the short hair styles worn by Victoria Beckham after her Posh-bob stage. Even singer Rihanna has cropped her hair to go for the pixie hair cut that is stylish and a lot easier to maintain.
  2. Layered, short hair styles - As long as your hair length is just above the jawline, you can go for one of the many layered, short hair styles that your stylist can create for you. The good thing about opting for a layered style is that it will suit almost every shape face, and the edges that will frame your face will give you a softer, more flattering look.
  3. Short hair styles for natural black hair - Finally, if you have natural black hair, you can wear it au naturel in a really short cut. You can even opt for a braided or cornrow hair style which is kept short and is also easy to maintain. On the other hand, those who prefer to let their natural black hair hang loose can still get away with a short hair style as long as it is styled to suit the shape of your face.
Choosing the perfect short hair style will put that extra bounce to your step, knowing that you have a low-maintenance, fuss-free style that looks great on you!
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