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A Woman’s Guide to Body Firming Lotions

For many women, feeling better about themselves translates into looking their very best.

And this is not just limited to hair, makeup and clothing – they want to have the best body they can for their shape. And there are many skin care products here to help!

No longer aspiring to be Kate Moss-skinny, women of today have accepted that a beautiful body comes in different shapes and sizes. But what does matter is the way your body responds to movement and aging

Enter the revolutionary and painless product – body firming creams and lotions! Better, cheaper and safer than undergoing liposuction treatments, body firming lotions have given women the opportunity to decrease the appearance of cellulite, firm saggy areas of the body and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have been planning to spend close to a thousand dollars on liposuction treatments (which can also be life-threatening if done improperly), it is best to save your money and consider anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and body firming lotions

General Types of Body Firming Lotionbody firming lotions for women
  • "All Body" Body Firming - Lotions and creams that are designed for tightening loose or sagging skin anywhere on the body. Typically with best results on the arms, legs, waist, stomach and buttocks. Primary goal is to tighten skin while adding additional hydration. Especially helpful after weight loss or childbirth.
  • Neck firming lotions - formulated to tighten loose skin on and around the neck. Particularly helpful for double chin, sagging jawls, "turkey neck", etc... Even prior to regular aging and onset of wrinkles, the neck and upper bust line can experience enhanced wrinkling due to gravity and sun exposure.
  • Breast Firming - Again, specifically developed for tissue on and around the bust to firm and moisturize sagging - especially after weight loss or childbirth and discontinuing breast feeding.

Today’s advanced products come in different varieties – creams, lotions, gel form, scented, unscented, and with additional active properties that can also whiten your skin at the same time or clear dark circles, puffy eyes, and scars and stretch marks.

Active, natural-based ingredients such as Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Emu Oil and Hyaluronic Acid provide super-hydration, skin tightening, nutrients, and amino acid proteins and can be found in skin tightening products from Skin Tight brand. They are the forefront of ingredients that have shown proven results.

Body firming lotions are easy to apply. After bathing, simply squeeze out a quarter-sized amount on your palm, and massager all over your thighs or tummy or arms. Keep massaging the cream using deep, circular motions to allow the product to absorb.

After which, it is so easy to continue with your body pampering routine as it will not contradict the working properties of the body firming cream. Most skin care products show results in as little as four weeks, so be diligent and patient.

Body firming lotions force you to have a healthier lifestyle. Liposuction treatments encourage a credit card burning lazy lifestyle because all you do is pay up, lie down and have someone trim the body fat off you.
Skin care works best when combined with exercise and a good diet. So in reality, it is helping you make the transition from a lazy lady to an active chick.

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