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What Can Stunt Natural Hair Growth?

For many women, their hair cannot grow fast enough. It gives them the opportunity to change their hair style and acquire a different look. Patience is the word of the day when you are waiting for your hair to grow to your desired length.

Unfortunately, it grows very slowly. At the speed of about a half to three-quarters of an inch per month, you don’t want anything to interfere with that growth to slow it down. There are several things you can do to stop the growth from being stunted. First, you need to identify what it is that stunts growth and second, you must take measures to prevent those impediments from affecting your hair.

Overall Healthvitamins for natural hair growth

If the entire body is not healthy, this may be expressed in hair that does not seem to want to grow. This stands to reason, since it needs nutrients and vitamins to grow at its best rate. A person who is fighting an illness will not be able to spare nutrients and all the benefits of blood cells and the immune system on hair. Good nutrition is part of the requirement for total health, as are proper hygiene and good mental health.

Another vital cause of hair that refuses to grow is smoking. It has been shown that as soon as a person stops smoking, it resumes its normal growth pattern. Therefore, overall health is of the utmost importance in normal growth because any illness will display itself in stunted growth. Supplementing your dietary intake with natural vitamins for hair growth is one of the best ways to make sure your nutrition requirements are met and that you don't lose hair of experience slow growth because nutrient levels are low.

Nutritional Balance

The hair starts out as a living growth. Only dead cells will exit the follicles and push through the scalp to form hair in all its glory. Like the rest of the body, hair needs vitamins and minerals to be at its best. Vitamin deficiencies will slow growth in that the blood will not have the required building blocks to support the health of hair follicles. Daily supplements will ensure a minimum amount of many vitamins, minerals, metals and trace elements. The recommended way to get all you need to avoid stunted growth is a balanced diet.


This refers to cleanliness of the body and scalp as well as to sleep hygiene. When the body is not rested for a long period of time, it will suffer in all kinds of ways. Irritability is just one of them. Slowed growth is another natural result from long-time fatigue. Physical cleanliness is also very important.

A clean scalp lets the follicles benefit from the oxygen that surrounds them. Bacteria have less chance to grow on a clean scalp than they would on one that is infrequently washed. Clogged pores from the effects of bacterial action and the cellular debris that forms can be the cause of weak and dying follicles. Keeping hair and scalp clean will prevent stunted growth.

Specific Diseases

One fairly common hair disorder is tinea capitis. In everyday language it is referred to as ringworm of the scalp. It is caused by a fungus and needs to be treated with prescription medication to stop the hair loss and the stunted growth of present hair.


Besides maintaining a balanced diet, the best hair growth products can be used to maintain health of the scalp and hair. Products such as vitamin supplements, shampoos and conditioners can be used that supplement vitamins and minerals needed for growth and strength. Many contain necessary nutrients as well as active ingredients that stimulate scalp circulation encouraging regrowth and faster growth - depending on your need.