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Spider Veins - An Overview

For long, issues of venous health have been attributed to unsightly and visible veins in legs and other parts of the human body. Medical care in this area has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years and promises major relief to those suffering from spider veins and other vein disorders.

Certain life styles and long hours of standing (like in the case of a door man) more often than not has been the major cause of spider veins.spider veins treatment

Treatment approach

In treating Spider veins, three technologies are commonly employed. Sclerotherapy deals with Plastic Surgery, laser technology, as the term suggests uses laser beams to destroy those unsightly veins, and VENUS closure technology which involves removal of the varicose veins itself.
  • Sclerotherapy
  • VENUS closure technology

Spider vein skin care

When the spider veins are relatively small, laser therapy is known to work better while medium or larger spider veins respond better to Sclerotherapy and in certain cases VENUS closure. In most cases, spider vein treatment cannot be generalized nor can it be wished away. They either are treated and removed, or they stay there.

Creams with Phytotonine and Vitamin K have been shown to remove near-surface veins. They are capable of coagulating trapped blood, clear the capillaries, and improve health and strengthen vein and capillary walls and valves.
Each case of spider vein needs individual attention by a qualified professional if you are seeking effective and lasting remedy. There have also been cases where spider vein has recurred despite treatment.


When looking at treating this problem, you should understand that spider vein is a vein dysfunction and a doctor specifically trained in vein treatment would best serve your purpose.

Doctors who offer treatment for venous disorders may also offer other cosmetic treatments. But, the important thing to know is whether the particular doctor has a specialization in venous disorders. Getting the spider vein removed in time is the next thing to remember.

Capiderm Rx Spider Veins Treatment

Once you have noticed spider veins developing and want relief, it is better to hasten the treatment. Over time, spider veins have the tendency to become worse. Once that happens, removing the spider vein can be more painful and involve more time too. Facial skin care is important to protect from sun damage and stop proliferation of seepage on the nose and cheeks.


Spider veins, unfortunately, are not an affliction covered by most healthcare insurance providers. Therefore, after you have identified your doctor, a vein clinic/doctor as mentioned earlier, you will also need to discuss with him on the financial responsibilities that would evolve on you upon completion of the treatment procedure.

Remember though that certain healthcare insurance providers may treat part of the treatment procedure as eligible while requiring the other part to be paid for by you. A careful examination of the terms of your healthcare insurance provider with specific reference to the inclusions /exclusions should be carried out to understand the implications before setting out on getting your spider vein problem treated.
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