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What Role Do Amino Acids Play In Healthy Hair

Amino acids are essential for the growth cycle of hair.

Amino acid molecules bond with each other, forming chains that make proteins, and proteins build cells. Keratin, the primary protein in hair cells, is formed from amino acids, making them vital to the process. In addition, they also produce oxygen carrying red blood cells, which are needed to carry nutrients and blood to the scalp and follicles.

They are important to certain metabolic processes that are needed for hair growth. If the body does not have enough energy in the form of calories, the body may break down proteins to use for energy instead of for the production or growth of tresses. Having plenty of amino acids helps keep metabolic functions working at optimal levels.

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One amino acid that is vital for healthy hair is methionine. It is a great source of sulfur, which is used in metabolic functions, including the growth cycle carried out in follicles. It is also an antioxidant, which neutralizes the effects of toxins throughout the body, including free radicals that can damage follicle cells, affecting growth. This protein builder also helps the body to break down certain fats that can affect blood circulation by clogging arteries and reducing the ability of the blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. With a steady flux of oxygen and nutrient rich blood flowing to the scalp, follicles are healthy and nourished.


Another protein building amino acid that contributes to healthy hair is tyrosine. This protein builder aids in the production of melanin, which is necessary to pigment. Without enough of this protein builder, color can fade and become dull, or it can speed up the graying process. Tyrosine also contributes to the production of red blood cells, which provide nourishment to the scalp and follicles in the form of oxygen and nutrients. Tyrosine is also important for metabolic processes that ensure that the growth cycle in a follicle remains steady, so that hair loss due to excessive shedding at one time does not occur.


One of the most vital amino acids for healthy hair is cysteine. Cysteine is an antioxidant, protecting hair cells and follicles from free radicals, toxins, and damage from ultraviolet rays. This is important for the health of the strands that grow. In addition, cysteine promotes the growth of cells on the scalp, helping to ensure that the process of new cells turning into hair follicles is carried out, as opposed to the cells becoming skin cells, for example. Cysteine is carried by the blood stream to the scalp, where the cysteine forms a bond with other proteins to actually strengthen individual shafts, adding to their thickness.


Cystine is also important for healthy hair. In addition to making up more than ten percent of the proteins that form hair cells, it also helps to stimulate growth of the hairs. Cystine is also important because it helps to provide a boost to the immune system, which is good not only for overall general health that can affect scalp health, but it can also help to prevent infections from fungi that can cause hair loss but can often be addressed with hair loss vitamins.

Ensuring Adequate Amino Acids for the Healthiest Hair

While a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables provide most amino acid requirements, many people choose to supplement their diet with hair vitamins.

Hair vitamins are uniquely developed and formulated to provide the maximum and recommended levels of both amino acids as well as necessary vitamins and minerals. Vitamins for hair such as Hair Nutrition Vitamins by Healthy Hair Plus offer a full B-Complex and Vitamins A, E and minerals and compounds that work and improve your hair's health, growth, thickness and shine.
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