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What To Look For In A Hair Loss Shampoo

Losing hair is something dreaded by just about everyone. Women are mostly but not always, exempt from total hair loss. They mostly lose only the hair that is lost normally during the aging process.

Men often lose hair to the point of partial or total baldness as they age. However, there is a certain population of young people, mostly males, who have to face that problem in their twenties. Either gender can slow down or even stop hair loss by a few cautionary measures, like good scalp hygiene and avoiding aggravating situations like smoking. Exposure to sunlight can cause hair follicles to die and the hair to fall out. Lastly, choosing a good shampoo may make a huge difference in hair loss.

Look For Cleansing And Soothing Zinc

A steady regimen of hair cleansing must be in place to keep your hair from falling out. The air you breathe is full of minute particles that your nose and lungs may be able to filter out but your hair can’t. These microscopic specks of dirt mix with the normal oils of your scalp and clog up pores, effectively depriving the hair follicles of oxygen. The end result is that these follicles die, the hair falls out and no new hair will take its place. A mild cleansing shampoo should be used and gently massaged into the scalp to remove build up and leave it clean. This also make Zinc a key ingredient in a hair loss dandruff shampoo where flakes and itching accompany thinning. Look for a shampoo that lists zinc pca (zinc L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) as an ingredient. This is a mineral found in nature and it has antibacterial properties and also controls dandruff.

Hair Loss Due To A Fungal Infection

If you know why you are losing hair and the cause happens to be an infection with a certain fungus, antifungal shampoo may be your best answer. Look for shampoos with selenium sulfide as one ingredient. Another ingredient should be pyrithione zinc sebulon or emu oil. The most effective shampoos for this condition will be medicated.

Buy Shampoos That Will Strengthen Your Hair

Shampoos containing keratin and biotin will hydrate the scalp. These shampoos penetrate dermal layers and surround the follicles. This allows necessary nutrients to come into contact with the follicles and adjacent blood vessels, permitting nutrient and waste material exchange. Biotin and keratin provide the stimulation follicles need to grow strong, healthy hair. In addition to biotin and keratin, there are natural oils available in shampoos, like argan oil or jojoba oil that will add health and strength to hair, preventing breaking by keeping hair from drying out and becoming brittle.

Other Ingredients To Look For

The male consumers, and to a much smaller extent also female consumers, with hair loss may want to check for a shampoo with DHT blocker that blocks the effects of DHT on hair follicles. This is primarily a male hormone but women have a small amount of testosterone as well and can affect hair loss in the female gender as in the male. The natural process for testosterone is to be synthesized to dihydrotestosterone through the actions of 5-alpha-reductase. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) will cause the hair follicles to shrink so they won’t be able to produce new hair. By blocking DHT, the hair follicles will remain unaffected and keep functioning normally.

Men and women alike will benefit from shampoos that contain Trichogen and/or Minoxidil in products like Prominox or Rogaine. Both Trichogen and Minoxidil both have shown encouraging and positive results in clinical trials to make hair grow...making them excellent as key active ingredients in hair loss products.

Summary Of What To Look For

  • Biotin for gentle cleansing, improved strength and protein bond buildin
  • Keratin for hair strength, increased shine, and flexibility of the follicles
  • DHT blockers that inhibit development of DHT that causes balding
  • Zinc PCA or Zinc derivative
  • Anti-inflammatory and antifungal agents that may prevent thinning, hair fall or hair loss due to disease or scalp problems
  • Minoxidil or Trichogen - both very effective for increasing micro-circulation to scalp tissue and promoting new hair growth
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