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What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Daily we receive calls asking what is a keratin hair treatment. These treatments have become very popular to help stop frizz and reduce or help prevent damage.

Some women will opt to use strong products regularly or straightening irons to achieve the look they are after. These can cause individual strands to go dry and brittle right down to damaging the shaft. At times they can also leave your strands limp and lifeless, the opposite of what you are looking for.

What Is It?

Hair is made up of nearly 95% keratin. Keratin is naturally found in the fibrous structural part of the protein family. It is an important material that is also a versatile protein, contributing to the skin, nails and hair on a person as well as wool and hooves in animals. It can be quite flexible when found in hair or hard as in the case of hooves. A keratin treatment is designed to help straighten curly or ‘unruly’ hair out, without the risk of damaging it in the process. In a treatment, animal keratin is applied to help smooth out stressed hair and relax frizzier types. When used this way it can repair damage, in addition to aiding skin and nails while protecting against future damage done to the shaft.

All Natural

Keratin treatments only use natural plant products giving no need to worry about any chemicals harming your hair or scalp. Large quantities of keratin helps your in the same way that intensive conditioning treatments would, straightening out stubborn curls and kinks and giving you the shiny, smooth locks of your dreams. It is rich in amino acids which will repair damage to the shaft and follicle.

No Damage

Daily straightening of your hair using a straightener or other heat based method can cause a great deal of damage. Even the daily products that most women put in their hair in order to straighten it will cause damage due to the high quantities of chemicals and the same is true of salon chemical straightening methods as well. With keratin treatments, hair will be nourished from the all-natural protein applied and is recommended for those having problems with hair growth. They will not cause any damage and in fact will help repair damage from chemical straightening or other styling methods.

The Process

The process of a keratin treatment is fairly simple. Your hair is cleansed in order to remove any residue and grime and then the treatment is applied. It is then sealed into your hair using heat and you’re ready to go. The tricky part of the treatment is that you cannot wash your hair, or get it wet, for at least 72 hours with some salons recommend waiting a full four days. It is often recommended that treatments be accompanied with the use of hair vitamins to ensure you get the maximum benefit of protections, shine and reduced damage.

After The Treatment

Keratin treatments, although they were specifically developed for curly or frizzy hair, will work well on all types and will repair as well as straighten and relax it. The results usually last between three and four months but it is important to take care of your hair. You must wait the full three to four days after the treatment before washing, wetting or styling it and it is recommended that you use special shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin in order to get the longest lasting results.