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What Is Zinc PCA?

In the journey to find healthy hair there are many different products on the market for you to search through on your quest. If you’re looking to add moisture to dry, frayed hair there is a whole slew of products that will be appropriate. If you’re trying to lower the amount of dandruff and oil you find in your hair there is another list of products to try. You will also discover different minerals that can add luster to your locks. Some of these ingredients can help you with multiple aspects of your hair health.

What Zinc PCA Can Do For Youfollicleanse with zinc pca

Pyrrolidone carboxylic acid is the full name for Zinc PCA. It is an acid that is totally natural. It is important to the functions in the body, specifically those with the scalp and skin. It is useful in preventing or limiting the catalase production of DHT or dihydroxytestosterone. DHT is known to inhibit hair follicles in older men and women, therefore causing them to have thinning hair or go bald.

It acts to slow down sebaceous activity in excess. Simply put, it controls and regulates the oil production on the scalp - this reduces oiliness which can result in hair and scalp problems such as dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, and oily hair and scalp. Controlling sebaceous gland oil production also reduces accumulation of yeast, bacteria and fungus that can cause itching, inflammation and discomfort.

What Is DHT?

It is a hormone that inhibits testosterone which in effect inhibits proper function of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. DHT is responsible for hair loss in men, primarily but can also cause hair loss in menopausal women. In order to stimulate hair growth there are a number of products available that are packaged as ‘DHT’ blockers and this is one of the best.
In addition to Zinc PCA helping with DHT, it regulates the sebaceous glands and how much sebum is secreted by these glands, effectively decreasing the amount of oil in your hair. It is also responsible for having antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is called anti-static properties as well. Zinc PCA not only helps with the production of sebum but also can help to absorb a portion of the oil that is in the hair or on the skin. Because of these important qualities there are many shampoos with this as an ingredient.

What Other Uses Does It Have?

This ingredient is also found in a good clarifying shampoo and many hair products designed to either control dandruff, scalp psoriasis or reduce oily hair.. It is able to penetrate down deep and clean the hair. In addition, it is a great treatment for flaking and itchy scalp. It is capable of aiding in moisturizing the scalp while controlling odor from growth of bacteria. It can help to prevent fungal problems as well.

Where Will You Find Zinc?

You can find actual zinc in a number of foods. Some of these are; fish, eggs, whole grains, nuts like almonds, beans, seeds, oysters and some other shellfish, liver and even some cheeses. This zinc is what you will get in your diet and will help to regulate oily skin. Zinc PCA is found primarily in shampoos that are designed to help regulate dandruff, overactive sebaceous glands and scalp psoriasis.