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What’s In Your Wallet…err…Purse? Hair Products We Take With Us

It's true and necessary...all of us take a few "absolute have to have" hair products wherever we go. But have you ever wondered what everyone has in their purse? We asked our customers and here are their responses - with a few clever tips.

Brush or Comb

The most crucial thing to always have in your purse is a reliable brush or comb. This can help you out if you need to add a bit of volume or even if the worst case scenario occurs and horrible weather made your hair a knotty mess. Keep in mind that using other items in your hair won’t work at all if it isn’t free from tangles first. Just look for a travel-sized brush so it won’t take up too much space.

Hair Spray

Other than a brush or comb, our customers said the most common thing you would find in their purse is hair spray…albeit a travel size. While touching-up during the day usually requires combing or brushing, a good medium to firm-hold styling spray is an absolute necessity. Why?? Well according to our customers wind blown-hair, static, and keeping your style in place after being outside or heading into a night on the town is an absolute must. Again, a travel-sized spray or a small pump spray that can provide control and protection...that has a reliable, non-drip spray mechanism is best.

Hair Ties

Next on the list of products you need all the time is some quality hair ties. It is a fact of life that sometimes you will plan on wearing your hair down all day but weather or other problems get in the way and you need to pull it up. Having some quality hair ties will make sure that you can always pull your locks back if necessary. It also gives you more versatility if you want to change looks before going out for drinks right after work. We have had several customers using a small zip-lock bag for ties and bobby pins to keep organized.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are incredibly useful to have on hand if your hair is prone to frizz. If you didn’t put enough styling product in, you might need to add some to your ponytail throughout the day to keep it in place. They also give you the option of pulling your hair out of your face quickly and easily. Bobby pins can even help you create a beautiful bun in moments if you want to change your hairstyle before going out after school or work.

Dry Shampoo

In recent years, experts created one of the best products to keep on you at all times: dry shampoo. This is crucial if you have oily or limp hair as it is a great way to give it a quick boost and refresh it. All you have to do is apply it to your roots and it will get rid of oil and sweat. It’s a great pick-me up after a long day or a refresher for “second-day” hair if washing your hair is not doable or unnecessary.

Hair Specific Products

You should also always keep some products on hand that are specific to your hair. If yours frequently gets flat by the end of the day, bring along a travel size container of a volumizing spray or powder. If yours tends to fall out of any hairstyle you put it in, try bringing a bit of hairspray or some sort of style holder. For people with frizzes, try keeping a frizz fighter or a light styling gel in your purse to apply on humid days when you need it to control your locks.

There you have it!...what’s in your purse?....our customers have responded with those hair products they carry with them all the time!

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Nourish Swell Gel Nourish Swell Gel

Styling gel  for medium to firm hold. Ideal for blow drying or wet styling, botanically enriched. Gives a flexible, strong-hold good for any hair type. Transparent, alcohol-free formula. Ideal for short hair styles on women and men.

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Nourish Dry Shampoo Nourish Dry Shampoo

Our most popular Dry Shampoo! Excellent for on-the-go folks who need to freshen-up their style or control second-day hair! Adds body and volume leaving hair fresh and clean feeling! Excellent for all hair types, wigs and extensions.

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