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What Causes Scars?

It is almost impossible to live a life without injuries and that is why most of us have some sort of scars. The scar is the inevitable result of getting cut and injured. Scars can be very different depending on the size and the depth of the wound.
The basic cause of scarring - cuts, tears, lacerations, surgery, acne, etc. are pretty well known to all of us; but the the question of what causes scars - the actual difference in the skin, texture, and color is what most of us wonder.STM scar cream

When the skin gets an injury the body then produces fibroblast cells, which are the cells that you will find in most of the connective tissues of humans. Collagen fibers with a base of proteins are then made by fibroblasts so that the gap in the dermis can be filled, therefore closing the wound. Before the scar forms the wound has to completely heal because the proteins have a chance to create that new layer of skin. Using a good cream to remove or prevent scars can be very helpful if it contains ingredients like oleic acid. There are many top-rated, effective products to consider.

Why Do Scars Look Raised?

The fibers that cover the wound will not be filled at the same level that they were because of the possibility of extra production of fibers.

When these extra fibers are formed they have to go somewhere and since the body’s objective is to heal the wound they will “pile” up and that creates the raised scar.

A scar can also look indented depending on the depth of the wound. The deeper the wound the more likely it is that the scar will look indented instead of raised. That happens because the fats and muscle under the skin may have been destroyed. The amount of tissue created to heal the wound will not be enough to cover the wound to its previous levels and then an indented scar will form.

Why Don’t Scars Look The Same As The Rest Of The Skin?

When you get a scar you will notice that the coloring and texture are different than the rest of the body.

This may leave you wondering why that is. The reason that the scar has a different look than the rest of your body is because the new skin created by the healing process does not have the same blood flow that the skin had before the injury. Besides the blood flow there is also a lack of sweat glands. If you have a scar on your head or an area that hair would grow, you will also notice that hair will not sprout from the scar either. The reason for this is that the hair follicles are also missing from this tissue.

Stretch Mark scars

Stretch marks are another type of scaring that happens in the human body. They are however different in that these scars are not caused by collagen. Instead the damage is done directly to the dermis without any breaking of the skin.

The skin is covered by a netting-like protein called Elastin. Elastin is not easy to repair; however, a scar reduction cream overtime can generally reduce striations and marks. The belief that the stretch marks that form in the body because the skin stretches is actually wrong. The actual cause of the stretch marks is a hormonal change in the body like the ones caused when a person takes steroids or pregnancy. Stretch marks can also be caused by the changes during puberty.

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