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What Causes Gray Hair?

A number of factors can contribute to what causes gray hair. Diet, heredity, stress, chemicals and chemical imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies. The most obvious is genetic predetermination. There are people who start getting gray hair before they turn twenty years old. While it is possible, it is highly unlikely that their gray hair is due to diet or stress; also causes for "graying".

What causes gray hair in older individuals are typically related to environmental factors, stress, and to genetics. For any of us who have been around a while, it's an interesting observation to watch new U.S. presidents go into office with dark hair only to come out quite gray - look at Carter, Bush, Clinton, and now Obama! It is a completely normal phenomenon. In fact, after the age of thirty, a person will get normal graying hair in the amounts of ten to twenty percent every ten years. With this speed, it can take five to ten years before you are completely white. If you have "good" genes, you may not begin the graying process until you are well into your fifties or sixties.

Diet And Stress As Causes For Graying

Although stress has been blamed as the cause of hair turning white, almost overnight, due to extensive trauma like losing a limb, there is no medical or scientific evidence for that other that chemical and hormone changes inhibit pigmentation that keeps your hair it's natural color. Considering how stress affects body organs, tissue and follicle development (i.e. hair loss, thinning, loss of volume), it's probable stress is a serious contributor.

Diet can weigh in heavily in graying and losing pigmentation. Poor diet may cause a deficiency in vitamins needed for the production of melanin. Evidence of dietary contribution to hair color can be taken from cases of Kwashiorkor, in which starving children’s normally black hair takes on an orange hue. They can have totally de-pigmented horizontal stripes in the follicles, denoting a time of poor or deficient protein intake. When the protein deficiency is corrected, follicles returned to their normal coloring.

What Cause Graying "Too Soon"?

What causes gray hair prematurely? Other than certain diseases, as mentioned Kwashiorkor, or vitiligo, albinism and perhaps other diseases, gray hair in people under twenty years old is due to genetic predisposition. The genes for early reduction of melanin production have been passed from generations to generations. Would you be able to trace it back to where it all started, you may find a mutation of a gene which could have been advantageous at that time. More likely the mutation occurred by accident and has been passed from father to son or daughter ever since.

How Can You Prevent Hair From Graying?

There are several options:One, if you have begun losing pigmentation due to vitamin, protein or mineral deficiencies, supplement your diet with hair vaitamins developed specifically to ensure you have what you need nutrition-wise - take a look at RestoreGray below. Two, there are shampoos and conditioners and gray hair treatment that provide the same nutrition boost topically - primarily with Omega 3's. Omega 3's have been clinically proven to slow graying - why? - no one is certain, but they work. Three, you can dye your hair or use a product that adds pigmentation. Four, reduce your stress - that's up to you as to how stress should be handled. Five, avoid using harsh shampoos, excessive heat and product treatments (gels, mousse, straightening, etc.) Six, and unfortunately if graying is due to heredity, color your hair or accept the fact you are one of many, who will have pre-mature gray hair - so make the best of it - at least make sure it remains healthy!

What you can do is to pay attention to your diet and make sure it is balanced. You may take a multi vitamin pill every day and keep well hydrated. Exercise to circulate your blood to the fullest. Massage your scalp when you shampoo and use very mild shampoo and conditioner. Try to remember, short of a severe nutritional problem, gray hair is not a medical ailment but simply a sign of passing time.

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