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What are Age Spots and how are they Caused?

Age spots can also be called liver spots or solar lentigines and these are flat areas of skin that are black, brown or gray in color. Usually they are found on people over the age of 40. Though they are more common in older people they can also affect younger individuals.

What Are They

Age spots occur because the melanin collects under the skin in a given location. Melanin is what determines our skin color so areas with greater concentrations of melanin will produce darker areas which are known as age spots.

What Are Some Examples?

Age spots can vary from one person to the other and they are different depending on which part of the body they are found on. Most of the people who have the spots on their skin do so on the hands, arms, shoulders and face. The reason those areas are mostly affected is because they are the areas which are exposed to the sun for most of the time. The condition is mostly harmless and treatable. The one problem is that a patient may not feel good about himself/herself for cosmetic reasons.

Why Do I Have Age Spots?Nourish Dark Spots and Age spots fade cream

Most age spots are the result of years of sun exposure (UV Light), but it does not have to be just sun light. If you are a person who uses tanning lamps or tanning beds you could also get the condition. The lighter your skin’s pigment is, the more likely it will be that you will develop these discolorations .

When you skin is exposed to UV rays and sun damage> occurs, it tries to protect itself but eventually the damage can reduce tissue's ability of producing melanin which in turn increases chances of getting age spots. Finally, it is also possible that your body is producing an extra amount of melanin when you get older and therefore causing more marks and dark spots on your skin.

Should I See The Doctor?

While the condition will not cause any health problems it is important to point out that it is easy to confuse other serious conditions with age spots. You should visit your dermatologist just to make sure that it is indeed harmless. The doctor will conduct a visual test but may also require a biopsy if there is any doubt. In order to treat the spots your doctor may recommend a prescription strength bleaching medication as well as mild steroids. The combination will get rid of the condition in a time period of a few months.

For most age spots, we are generally required to live with them. Some dermatologists can perform laser treatments to remove or you can use creams developed to help fade the discoloration...some are effective and some are not. Try Nourish's Dark Spot and Age Spot Cream or Nourish Younger Hands Cream that also has moisturizers and skin tighteners to hydrate and smooth wrinkles.

Learn more about age spots here.

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