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Vitamin D Deficiency And Hair Loss

People who spend much time outdoors are rarely deficient of Vitamin D.

Only fifteen minutes a day in the sun provides adequate amounts of it in your body. Those who head for the office while it is barely light outside and come home after the sun has set may need to supplement a little Vitamin D in pill form. Since it is fat-soluble, overdosing is possible, so check with your physician or read the label on the bottle carefully that you do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Your entire integument is affected by Vitamin D and its benefits. Hair is greatly affected by it as well. More specifically, the three stages of hair growth will either function well or poorly depending on the amount of Vitamin D available to them.

Hair Growth

The growth stage of hair, the anagen phase, takes up the largest part of all the phases of life for hair. More than eighty percent of hair on your head at any one time is in the anagen phase. This phase can last from twenty-four months to a maximum of several years. Upon receiving a signal, the anagen phase will stop and another stage, the catagen phase, will take over. During this short phase the hair stops growing. After a couple of weeks, the hair enters the telogen phase and does nothing but rest. After another month or two, the cycles start all over again. During these cyclic changes, the hair has to have all the nutrients it needs to complete each cycle and enter the next one successfully and in an excellent state of health.

Deficiency Of Vitamin D

When you have less than an optimal amount of Vitamin D in your blood, you may be deficient of this vitamin. This will manifest itself with hair loss. In fact, it may be one of the first signs you will notice that you need to add more sunshine to your skin or take a little supplemental Vitamin D. More natural sources for Vitamin D are liver, fish, eggs and milk that has been fortified. Losing hair in great amounts is not a normal phenomenon. Gradual loss over time as the aging process occurs is normal. Illness and medications can also contribute to hair loss. If hair loss seems to happen spontaneously, without any identifiable causes, it may be a warning sign that you need to take care of your health. Taking vitamins for hair loss in women can be especially beneficial following pregnancy due to loss of nutrients post-partum.

Effects Of Vitamin D On Hair

Your hair grows by cycling in three phases throughout its life. When one cycle is interrupted, the other two cycles are also off course. This will result in hair that is not ready to enter the second phase but is pushed into it by the absence of sufficient regulatory Vitamin D.

Hair follicles in the second phase, which lasts only a couple of weeks, may immediately enter the last phase, the telogen phase where hair rests and finally dies to make room for a new cycle to begin and new hair to grow in its place. Since about eighty-five percent of your hair is in the anagen phase at any time, it is easy to see how the lack of sufficient Vitamin D will play havoc with hair growth cycles and hair loss results.

Topical application solutions with B-Complex and D can help improve scalp condition and health. Vitamins for hair loss can ensure a balanced level of nutrients needed for reversing loss and thinning in many cases for both men and women.

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