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What Is Unique About Black Hair?

As a hair type African American hair is unique in look and structure; it needs special treatment to keep it healthy and with less damage.

Some of the problems that African Americans cite often are thinning of the hair and loss of hair adds to their main concerns. Although those are common problems due to the different composition, it is not difficult to reduce the chances of those conditions. Dermatology has made many advances and there has been a lot of attention paid to the hair problems reported by the Black & African American community; now they can give people tips on how to keep their hair healthy throughout their lives.

Black & African American Hair Factshair products for black hair

Some of the differences of Black hair can be seen when placed under the microscope.

The look has been compared to a rod that has been twisted. There real pattern to the twists of the hair as it can change direction without a real reason.

African Americans may be 13 percent of the population, but their spending is much higher than the percentage of the population (stands just at 30 percent). As far as hair problems go, hair loss has been calculated to be the number 4 problem that African Americans will visit a dermatologist for. Typically, black hair growth products can address many issues related to hair loss. If you are having thinning hair or balding, then you should visit a dermatologist as they are the ones that could help you stop and even reverse the problem.


If you want to avoid drying the hair then there must be a limit to the number of times that you wash it per week. Hair care products when used in excess can be the reason why the African American hair can become so dry.

When washing your hair you should also make sure that you use conditioner every time. One of the main characteristics is that the ends are probably the most fragile part of the hair. Special attention needs to be given to them so that you can avoid split ends. Another great tip is for those that workout in a regular basis.

While it may be tempting to wash your hair with hair products after every workout, you should simply use water instead. Using water alone will remove the sweat from the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It should be noted that using conditioner is fine as well as supplementing your diet with black hair vitamins.

Hair Growth Products for Black Hair

When it comes to hair products that you want to use on African American hair you should rely on natural ingredients. You should be thinking of Aloe Vera, Shea butter, olive oil, because natural ingredients will help maintain moisture in the hair. You should check sulfates right off your list because they can easily dry your hair. The problem is that a lot of shampoos have this ingredient. Wheat based conditioners are the best for African American hair, as well as protein and amino acid shampoos.

For black men, a DHT blocker can work very well because DHT in the scalp is a leading cause of balding. To add elasticity to the hair it is highly recommended that you have hot oil treatments about twice a month. There are also products that will protect from the heat and those are highly recommended.