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Types Of Hair Loss

The types of hair loss determined before birth are the non-formation of hair follicles and integument of the scalp during embryonic development. This is called congenital aplasia. Another type of thinning/loss stems from the low amount of follicles your genes are programmed to grow, also known as hypotrichosis. Although these two conditions may not strictly be considered types of "loss" since it is not the loss of hair but the sparseness of follicles that is the problem, they have the same emotional impact as losing hair.

Congenital Atrichia

This type of abnormally low amounts of hair is also congenital. It has a complicated cause that deals with follicles entering their first resting state in children. The hair follicles lose communication with other surrounding cells that are necessary for their re-entry into the next cycle of growth. These children lose their hair in childhood and many carry emotional scars from this condition.

Traction Alopecia

Mothers want their daughters to look neat and their hair out of their faces by pulling it into a pony tail. By making sure the hair in held tightly, moms unwittingly kill off a number of their children’s hairs every time they pull their daughters’ them into a tight grip. With enough repetitions, this will damage the children’s follicles to such an extent as to cause a mild form of alopecia. This can be self-inflicted as well, when teenagers or young women, and men, pull their hair very tight on a daily basis. Traction Alopecia is also common in African American women (sometimes men too!)who wear braids frequently. The tightening, winding and braiding pull on the papilla and may release causing temporary or permanent balding.


Trichotillomania is considered to be a psychological disorder. It causes the person, often very young, to pull out their hair. There is an underlying cause that has nothing to do with physical illness or the usual causes of hair loss. In order to stop these types of balding, the cause must be treated. This is most often done through therapy.

Androgenic Alopecia

Inherited from the male line of the family, this is of the types of hair loss that is genetic. Hair can begin to thin during the teenage years when DHT hormones rise and become active. In time, the same pattern of hair loss will establish in the son as has in the father...more typically referred to as male pattern balding. Many times a DHT blocking shampoo or a DHT inhibiting spray can help stop or slow DHT development and reverse or brake loss and thinning.

Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss

Another of the types of hair loss is Telogen Effluvium. This usually has a defined cause and is often reversible. Many factors will contribute to this hair loss, but once these factors are eliminated, hair will re-grow in almost all cases unless some other damage was done to the follicles. The causes can be from hormonal imbalances to vitamin deficiency and can be addressed with one or several hair loss products.

Cicatricial Alopecia

Epidermis and dermis of the scalp in these types of balding has become scarred and atrophied, resulting in the death of the hair follicles, cuticle or papilla. Hair usually cannot be re-grown in this type of tissue. Exposure to radiation therapy will damage tissue and effectively extinguish hair follicles as well.

Chemical Treatment Hair Loss

Of the types of loss, thinning and balding, this is the most preventable. The culprit is excessive exposure to hair relaxers, bleaches, perms or dyes. These chemicals can do quite a lot of damage to the hair. However, unless the chemicals are irresponsibly applied, there should be no scarring and the hair should re-grow in time.

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