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Common Treatments For Healing Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin disorder that affects both teenagers and adults.

There are numerous treatments for acne, but one problem often persists even after the acne clears up. Scarring is often an issue after the blemishes heal, and they can take up to a year to go away.

These scars occur most often with cystic blemishes, but they can occur with any type of blemishes. They can be shallow or deep, and some people, particularly those with a deeper skin color, also notice a darkening of the skin where scars occur. Those with lighter skin tones may have red pockmarks that persist for months after the blemishes heal.


There are several types of over-the-counter medications that can help heal pockmarks that result from blemishes. A cream or ointment containing cortisone is beneficial if the skin of the healed blemish is red and inflamed. The skin cells absorb the cortisone, and it reduces the inflammation. While the collagen of the skin affected by the blemish still needs to repair itself, the scarring will be less noticeable due to the reduction in inflammation.

Fading CreamsAcnetene Pimplepaste for acne scars

If the skin has become discolored, the result of hyperpigmentation of the effected skin, some fading creams will improve the appearance of the scar as it fades. Some of the best creams for this purpose contain various acids that work to fade the dark spots and exfoliators such as Bauxite to exfoliate skin cells allowing new cells to develop scar-free.

Acne products such as Acnetene's PimplePaste, together with being an excellent spot treatment, is also very help for healing acne scars. An extract from certain mushrooms, kojic acid, is one ingredient that works well with hyperpigmentation from blemishes. Absorbic acid, or vitamin C is also beneficial and is considered one of the better ingredients for acne scar removal products. Another acid that works well in fading creams is arbutin, which is the extract from the bearberry.

With regular use, these ingredients found in fading creams will lighten the skin of the scar so that it matches the rest of the normal skin tone.

Laser Treatments

If time, patience, and cortisone aren’t healing your scars, you can have a laser procedure performed by a dermatologist. The laser works to resurface the skin of the affected areas. This will smooth out the skin and promote the growth of collagen cells that will fill in the pockmarks that result from the blemish. It typically takes between one and three laser treatments to rid the skin of disfiguring marks from acne.

Another type of laser treatment uses a different type of laser that stimulates collagen production without affecting the surface of the skin. Other types of lasers will essentially vaporize blemishes from the skin, and new skin cells and collagen will grow, smoothing out the surface of the skin. For deep scarring, laser treatments combined with a method for filling in the scars can be performed by a dermatologist, although the filler procedure may need to be repeated several times a year until the process is complete.

Avoiding Irritants

While you are undergoing either over-the-counter treatments or you’re being treated by a dermatologist, there are a couple of things you can do to promote healing.

While your acne is healing, you should avoid picking at your blemishes or squeezing pimples. This pushes the bacteria from the blemish deeper down into the skin, which can cause deeper scarring. Some consider cocoa butter for acne scars an excellent natural treatment if you are fighting infection or significant irritation. You can also damage your skin by picking at blemishes, worsening the scarring. Avoiding the sun and using sunblock when you have to be outside will also allow your scars to heal without becoming pigmented as a result of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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