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Top Relaxed Hairstyles

Getting your hair relaxed means a whole world of new and different hairstyles will open up to you. You’ll be able to easily wear your hair up, to the side, down or in a braid with just a little time and simple styling product. The top and most popular relaxed hairstyles include: The Side Braid, Tight Curls & Ringlets, Big, large Waves, and Wavy Up-do's. Here are just a few of the hairstyles you should consider wearing with relaxed hair.

A Braid On The Side

Wearing your hair down is a fantastic way to show off your relaxed style but what if you want something just a little bit different? Big, relaxed braids are in this season and you can wear them in all sorts of different ways.

One large, chunky braid to the side is a perfect, low-maintenance way of changing up your style. Simply dab your fingers in your favorite styling product and run them through your hair. Pull it to the side and braid.

Secure the end with a decorative tie or something simple and elegant. Some celebs are skipping the braid and just combing their hair off to the side, using a strong holding product and styling this way instead.

Tight Curls

Ringlets are always sexy. Once you’ve got them, you can wear them lose or pin them up and let them cascade down. You can get this gorgeous style with relaxed hair and a little planning.

One method of getting these glamorous curls is to run some styling gel or holding product through your wet hair and then wrap around curlers. Allow to dry over the course of a few hours to set or use a hair dryer for quicker setting.

Once you take the curlers out spray with your favorite hairspray and enjoy the compliments.

Waves Like A Goddess

You may need to make a trip to the salon to get this gorgeous hairstyle but once you do it will pay off in compliments from everyone who sees your new do.

A relaxed wavy perm is in for the summer and makes your hair easier to style on an everyday basis. Simple pony tails will even look great with these waves cascading down your back. Make sure to ask the stylist what they recommend to help your perm last as long as possible.

An Up-Do With A Twist

Wearing your hair up is never easier than when you have had it relaxed. Place in a simple pony tail, bun or a French twist for a glamorous and elegant look.

Bangs are in style this season and if you have some already, sweep them off to the side. You can choose to pin your hair up with bobby pins for a simple look or something more decorative to accessorize.

For All Relaxed Hairstyles

The key to having great looking relaxed hair no matter what style you’re wearing it in for the day is proper maintenance. Relaxing your hair generally means exposing it to a chemical treatment that can dry it out.

Invest in high quality moisturizers and products like ProFolla Silk and use these often. ProFolla Silk hair products are formulated with LusterPlex that was developed specifically for Black and African American hair to improve moisture content, increase strength and to add brilliant shine. Be sparing with heat and use moisturizer regularly and your hair will be shiny and healthy enough to look great in any hairstyle.

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