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Top 5 Benefits Of Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair growth vitamins and dietary supplements have surged to the front of the line as part of a healthy, faster growing hair regimen. These supplements are researched with select active ingredients - vitamins, mineral, amino acids, etc. - to accelerate or maximize growth and to provide a host of very real, easy to see and feel are the "Top 5"!

If you’re looking to have healthier, more vibrant hair there’s a good chance you’ve looked at several different options. Some of these may have included switching your shampoo, making additions to your diet and even taking supplements. If you haven’t looked at hair growth vitamins you may not be aware of the many benefits they can offer.

Some of the vitamins you’ll see in hair growth vitamins are B-complex formula, Biotin, Niacin and Saw Palmetto, among many others. These vitamins have many effects on your body and certainly many visible benefits to your hair.

Some of the benefits you’ll see are...

Flexibility With Your Hairbiotin hair vitamins for hair growth

Vitamin A which is often found in these vitamins can be useful for many body functions. When it comes to your hair, vitamin A can help to keep it flexible and easy to style while still maintaining a healthy shine. Vitamin A also helps regulate sebaceous glands, which will benefit the overall health of your hair, keeping it strong and flexible.

Increased Strength

Saw palmetto along with Vitamin C and E can help to increase the strength of your hair. Saw palmetto works to increase your immune system strength and regulates cell growth, both of which are beneficial to the health of your hair. In addition, Vitamin C helps to increase your immunity as well. Finally, the B-complex vitamins found are perfect for maintaining a strong follicle and shaft.

Increased Growth

Niacin or Vitamin B-3 can help to stimulate the circulation of blood. This will promote a healthier scalp which in turn does help to stimulate the growth of hair. In addition, B-12 has also been shown to prevent hair loss. Part of the reason for this is the way it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp which can in turn increase the health of hair follicles.

Retaining Color Treatments

If you’re somebody who likes to keep your hair colored then you’re going to want to think about what you can do to help stretch it out between colorings. Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin B- are both very important to maintaining your color treatment. This is because B-6 actually can create melanin. Melanin is responsible for reversing or slowing down the process of getting gray hair. In addition vitamin B-5 and B-6 help to decrease the rate of hair loss.

Thickening Hair

You will get vitamin C and E in hair growth vitamins. Vitamin C will help to reduce free radicals and reduce the damage that comes along with free radicals. They are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C will add shine and health therefore promoting your thick hair. Vitamin E is perfect for increasing circulation of blood to your scalp and reduces breakage which in turn creates thicker hair.

Hair growth vitamins are the best products for hair regrowth too, and aren’t only going to offer you all of the above benefits you’ll also see overall boost in health. This is because these vitamins are so important for many functions of the body, from healthy skin to better circulation.
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