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Tips For Managing Long Hair

One of the greatest number of calls from customers is getting advice for managing and styling long hair. Longer styles require special attention and a few techniques to maintain growth, shine and to avoid breaking. Below are some great tips, techniques and products you should consider to keep your style long, smooth, shiny and beautiful!

Long, flowing locks are a symbol of femininity, and many women prefer to wear their hair long. Long hair is quite versatile, as you can curl it, straighten it, braid it, put it in a ponytail, or create any number of beautiful updos with it. However, long hair requires an extra degree of commitment if you are going to keep it healthy and shiny.


When washing long hair, you need to be gentle. Avoid harsh scrubbing that will cause breakage and damage. Unless your hair is very oily, you don’t need to wash it daily. Oil is good for the hair because it protects it.
  • Start from the crown/roots - work your way to the tips
  • Shampoo tips/ends sideways rather than back and forth with the hands - this reduce tangles
  • Use a cleanser for straight hair (even though you may have waves and curls) - they have stronger protein bonding factors
It takes longer for oil to reach the fragile ends of hair if your hair is long; over washing will prevent the oils from coating the entire hair strands. Skip shampooing every other day, and just rinse and condition your hair on the days you don’t wash it. You should also use a shampoo for long hair that is formulated for adding moisture to your hair.


Daily conditioning is essential for long hair, even on the days that you don’t shampoo it. Because of the tendency for long hair to be dry, keeping it hydrated is vital. Look for conditioners that contain humectants, which absorb moisture from the shower and the air to protect hair from drying.
  • Moisture and strength is key for longer styles
  • Use a detangler, spray-on, leave-in, and a thermal protector
  • Key is to prevent and reduce damage
It is especially important to condition the ends of your long hair to prevent splitting. Conditioning also makes hair softer and less prone to tangles. For additional help in moisturizing and detangling long hair, use a leave in conditioner after your shower as well.

Combing and Brushing

When your hair is wet, always use a wide toothed comb on it rather than a brush that can tear at tangles and damage ends. Begin combing at the last couple of inches of your hair to gently remove any tangles, and then work your way upward.
  • Use a wide toothed rake comb to detangle (also good for drying)
  • Use a wide-toothed flat/paddle brush
When dry, use a brush with plastic or natural bristles, rather than wire ones that can catch on tangles and cause breakage. As with combing, start at the bottom to ensure there are no tangles, and then work your way up. When all of your hair is tangle free, slowly stroke from the scalp to the ends to help distribute oil down the entire length.


Whenever possible, allow your long hair to dry naturally as this is less drying and damaging to hair. Apply a leave in conditioner and then let hair air dry. If you must blow dry your hair, be as gentle as possible to avoid frizzing and damage. Use a lower heat setting, even if it takes longer to dry your hair.
  • Take your time and be careful. For longer hair, the ends dry faster and can be damaged before the roots closer to the scalp are dry
  • Per above, use a thermal protector
  • Use a tourmaline coated flat iron and/or dryer to avoid heat damage and breakage
Avoid holding the blow dryer closer than six inches to your hair; if you hold it any closer, you risk damaging the cuticle and causing frizz. Start at the top of your head, and always aim your blow dryer down so that you are not mussing up your hair and damaging the cuticle. Follow with a styling product to reduce frizz and keep hair hydrated.


Longer hairstyles require more nutrients than shorter hair - it just stands to reason. Just as a tall tree requires more water and fertilizer than a small tree, so does the hair. It's important you eat healthy to avoid breakage.
  • Get lots of B-complex, Vitamin A, C, and E
  • Omega 3's are great for building protein bonds (read strength)
As with most diets, vegetables and fruits together with proteins from fish and meat provide the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals and proteins. We recommend supplementing your diet with hair vitamins for longer hair to ensure your style remains shiny, strong, thick and fast growing.

If you want your style to grow longer, faster, consider a hair growth shampoo. These will typically be enhanced with ingredients such as Trichogen that stimulates scalp circulation allowing follicles to grow at their maximum rate.
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