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Black Hair Growth Tips

Black hair can be tricky to grow long, it has many special needs that other hair types do not have. Black hair tends to be dry and brittle. Yet can be oily at the same time, here are a few ways to get the most growth out of black hair.

Things You need to Know Before Washing Your Hair

Argan oil helps condition hair, so use it a few times a week to keep hair conditioned in between washes. This will keep hair stronger and more protected from the environment. Stay away from hot oil treatments, hot oil can burn the hair causing it be become dry and stiff.

Washing Your HairProFolla Silk shampoos and conditioners for Black hair

Use a shampoo that is sulfate free, sulfates wash the oils out of your hair, that you need to protect it. This is why sulfate free shampoos are great for black hair. Only wash your hair a couple times a week. Over washing it can cause it to dry out. Never scrub your head hard when shampooing, you want to be gentle and massage it. This will help with blood flow and stimulate hair growth. You can also use jojoba oil for hair growth.

Conditioning Black Hair

Keep an eye out for a conditioner that is moisturizing. This will coat the hair and hydrate it for longer. Also using a leave in spray conditioner and detangler will help as well. This will add an extra layer of protection and help keep hair more healthy for longer.

Using a Deep Conditioning Treatment

These treatments help repair damaged and dry hair. They work by filling in the cracks in your hair caused by the dryness. Use them no more than once a week, simply apply and let sit for about 10 min and rinse. This will help heal the hair and protect it at the same time. When hair is healthy it holds in moisture so this will help make your hair stay hydrated longer. Here are a few more black hair growth products to chose from.

Relaxers and Perms

Black hair can be difficult to handle but we recommend staying away from relaxers and perms altogether. They can do major damage to your hair for long periods of time. They also make hair very weak, which causes it to break and thin in areas. Perms are the same way, using chemicals on your hair can strip it of vital nutrients that it need to stay healthy.

Your Routine

Black hair needs moisturized daily so the best way to do this is with hair oils. Do not use mineral oil. It is very bad for your hair and dries it out worse. If you are going to use oils make sure they are all natural. If you need help deciding on another product here is a nourish follicle stimulator review.

Natural Oils You Can Use On Black Hair:
  • Emu Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Olive Oil
The way to use them is massage them into your scalp before bed time and let them sit overnight and wash your hair the next day. You can also add a few drops to your favorite shampoo every time you wash your hair. These oils penetrated deep down into your scalp for maximum moisture.

Heat Tools

Heat tools are ok to use on your hair as long as you use a thermal protector with them. It will basically coat your hair to protect it from drying out in extreme temperatures. If the heat does effect hair growth you can look for the best products for hair growth to help.

Braids, Dreads and Weaves

Braids have a habit of breaking hair so try to switch it up a little. Dreads are not great for your hair but if your are going to wear them makes sure you keep them clean. They can get funky and start to smell if you don't clean them properly. Weaves if done correctly are ok for your hair but if done incorrectly can stress hair out and cause it to break. So make sure the person doing it is reputable.

How to Get Long Black Hair

If you want to grow hair longer here are some tips to help grow hair faster. Use products that are naturally based. This will keep you away from harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your hair. Get your hair into a growth phase by using products that contain Trichogen. It will wake you hair up causing it to stay growing 3 times longer than normal hair. Try using vitamins for black hair. These will help pep up hair by using vitamins and minerals that your body lacks.
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