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Tips for Deep-Cleaning Scalp And Hair

A periodic deep-cleaning of the hair and scalp is needed to remove contaminants that may cause scalp or hair problems. Many scalp problems are the result of oiliness, buildup from conditioner, shampoo, styling products and even minerals or deposits in water. This buildup can lead to serious scalp problems. To understand more youíll need to understand the anatomy of the scalp and hair as well as the process of deep cleaning.

Anatomy of The Scalp And Hair

Understanding the biology of the hair and scalp is important. The outermost layer of the scalp is thick and hair bearing. It contains numerous sebaceous glands and because of this, it is a common site for cysts. Hair itself, is comprised of a protein thatís called keratin. Each follicle attaches the shaft into the skin by a bulb at the base. Here living cells grow and divide causing hairís three growth phases; anagen, catagen and telegen. Because of the large frequency of cellular growth there are plenty of opportunities for blockage and buildup. Cells may get blocked from shedding, leading to problems such as dandruff and individual shafts may go limp or brittle with buildup of material. deep clean and clarify your hair and scalp with follicleanse

Hair and Scalp Conditions Affected

Dandruff is an ongoing mild inflammation of the scalp, which results in scaly skin that may be itchy and flake off. The technical name is seborrheic dermatitis. Scalp acne is the same condition as acne of the face and body. Overuse of products with styling can cause over-oily skin or scalp acne. The solution is often as simple as proper cleansing of the scalp.

Hair Care

Skin is kept clean by removal of the dead skin cells in order that bacteria, viruses and toxic material donít build up and breed problems. Another factor in good scalp health is maintaining a proper pH. The slightly acid pH of the sebum and the pH of sweat glands combine to create an ďacid mantle.Ē This is the skinís protective layer. Washing hair and stripping away too much of this can leave the hair and scalp unprotected. This is the reason for using shampoo as opposed to body soap on the hair. Shampoos are formulated to have a pH that is aligned with the natural pH of the human body. Conditioners are formulated to add extra protection against environmental damage, both can leave behind residues.

Deep Cleaning

First, use a hot oil treatment to massage your scalp and loosen any excess flakes of dried skin. It will also help to protect the hair follicles and your scalp from strong clarifying shampoos. Shampoos with salicylic acid, zinc, pyrithione zinc or coal tar (often used as a treatment for scalp psoriasis) are excellent for deep cleanses.

Follicleanse has zinc and herbal extracts that are developed specifically for removing build-up and re-energizing with minerals and vitamins helpful for improved scalp and hair health. They provide deep-cleaning action that leaves hair and scalp fresh and clean. You donít need to take the shampoo down the entire shaft but focus on the scalp and the suds travelling over the rest of your hair will be enough to clean without overly drying your strands out.

Though your scalp will feel refreshed your actual hair will likely be thirsty. Make sure to use a deep conditioner the length of your hair to seal in moisture. If you have dandruff trouble then donít grease your scalp or the additional oil can further the agitation. The best step for a deep clean is to stick to a schedule. You donít want strip your head and hair too often, but most will recommend weekly depending on product use.

Recommended Products

Deep-cleaning your hair and scalp can refresh and cleanse...often avoiding problems. There are some products which attempt to maintain the slightly acid pH and treat conditions like itching, dandruff or acne. One of those is Vinegar Rinse Cleanser by Just Natural Skin Care. For men, try Menís Science Daily Shampoo. If you find it necessary to treat scalp acne or dandruff, try using a scalp exfoliator, like Keils Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment.

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