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Tips and Advice For Tangles

Techniques for everyone's biggest hair care frustration! Everyone suffers from the occasional tangle but certain hair types, such as curly hair or natural black hair, will experience more problems. Some people may consider cutting the knot out but there are much better options which not only keep you from having to change your hairstyle but also improve the health of your hair. There are multiple techniques as well as products available on the market that can eliminate your problem with only a little bit of work.


One of the best ways to get rid of any stubborn tangles is using conditioner. If you arenít already using conditioner every time you wash, try doing so and you will see a reduction in knots. Conditioner can also help with knots that are already established. Get in the shower and take the knot in your hands, trying to separate as much untangled hair as possible. Once you are just holding the tangled section, cover it in conditioner. You will notice that when it is slathered in conditioner it is much easier to separate the strands. Be patient as you work it out, so you donít break or damage your hair further. Conditioner succeeds at getting rid of tangles because it starts repairing any damage which in turn makes the hair shafts smoother and less likely to tangle.

Use Your Fingers

One of the best tools in your arsenal is one you were born with your fingers. That is because when you use your fingers to get tangles out it is much easier to find the problem areas in the first place as you will notice a difference in texture. The other benefit of using your fingers instead of a comb is that it is much easier to control the amount of pressure you are exerting so you run less risk of causing breakage. Imagine how hard you would have to pull a brush or comb through hair with multiple tangles and you will quickly realize that using your fingers is much healthier for your locks. Hair is very sensitive and any type of rough pulling can easily cause breakage; that is why experts suggest you avoid brushing it when it is wet as the pulling motion combined with it being at its weakest can cause damage.

Stay Away From Water And Shampoo

Many people mistakenly believe that if you canít get a knot out of your hair while it is dry, it will be much easier to do so when itís wet. They will try to add shampoo with the theory that the tangle was caused by dirt so cleaning the hair will remove the tangle. However, both of these methods will do the exact opposite. Surprisingly enough, both shampoo and water will make your tangle even worse and when you combine the two, you will be in for a huge struggle. The only instance where wetting the hair will help is if you are using the conditioner method mentioned above. Keep in mind that although shampoo seems like it should help, it will dry your hair out, making any knots even worse as the moisture is necessary to remove them.

Products, Brushes & Combs...Oh MY!

In terms of "what should I use?", there are several routes you can go...detanglers (as in conditioners), brushes and combs. Here's the "low down"
  • Detangling Combs - The most simplest is the use use of a wide-toothed comb. Several brand are infused with oils like Argan or Jojoba to help glide through tangles as easily as possible. Cricket's Ultra Smooth combs also contain olive oil and were developed specifically for removing tangles. As with most brands, there are various widths and sizes to choose from depending on your hair type. We recommend going with the widest toothed comb possible that gets the job done.
  • Brushes - Though not as effective as combs, some brushes work very well and are preferred by some. Again, Cricket has a line - The Comfort Collection - that help reduce static and have long and wide bristles. They are treated with ionic ball tips that help bristles separate strands. Our best-selling - and seemingly most popular - is the Wet Brush collection. These are very good for adults and kids as well. The teeth on the combs are engineered to separate strands and the brushes are foam reinforced to get rid of tangled hair without pulling, tearing or snagging.
  • Conditioning Detanglers - Detanglers are usually in the form of gels or sprays that you put on your hair either when it is dry or wet (depending on the product) that are designed to make it easier to comb. Two of the best options for products to spray on after washing are Original Sprout Miracle Detangler (which is all natural) and John Frieda Root Awakening Spray, both of which should do the trick. If you prefer simply switching your conditioner try Paul Mitchellís Super Rich Conditioner. Nourish's So Strong Leave-In Conditioner is also a very good choice. It detangles and provides topical conditioning to help improve strength and shine.
Detanglers which contain ingredients such as grape seed oil and carrot extract will not only detangle, but also moisturize, condition and protect your hair. These products are specifically designed using ingredients that will make your hair smoother and provide moisture, both of which are essential to removing tangles.
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