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Thin Hair Styles For Men

Thin hair needs to be babied more than normal hair because it breaks easily, is often difficult to style (or to hold a style - volume), or by nature is thin because of early stages of thinning. By using the right hair products and a cut that fits your hair type, you can get a look that you're comfortable with that gives you the added advantage of hiding bald spots...or at least making your hairstyle look thicker.

Being one of the guys who hair is thin (not thick and a bit thinning), there are two things I look for whenever I try a new shampoo (which is rare). First, I want my hair to stand-up (err...volume and body I think is the way professionals describe). I don't mean standing straight up, just so it doesn't lay down on my head. With my various cowlicks and absurd straightness, if my hair lays down, it looks terrible. Second, I want my hair to look and feel thick, so I use a hair thickening gel/conditioner (see below).

So what styles work with thin hair and what cuts should you avoid all together, even if you are using products to make hair grow, it could be a while. So your hair is thinning, but how bad. It is good to use products to help get your hair to grow back but they take a while so the one thing you can do right now is get a good hair cut and style it correctly.

Close Cutsvitamins for thicker hair for men

If you have areas on your scalp that are starting to pull back like a widows peak then go short. This cut is neat and clean, people like Giovanni Ribisi, George Clooney and Brad Pitt wear there hair like this. It is easy to do and even easier to style. The short cut makes your hair appear thicker and more full. When using any kind of products on short hair, use them sparingly. To much and you will be left with an oily scalp.

Mid Length

It is ok to have medium length hair when it is starting to thin, but once you start to thin really bad you will want to go shorter. Any kind of mid length ceaser cut is good as long as you use a thickening shampoo and conditioner with it. Also look for a product with sage extract for itching, this will help as well. If you have to use a product to hold hair stay away from hair sprays because they will just stick the hair to your scalp instead try a pomade or wax, these will hold hair in place with out making it sticky.

Thin hair is one thing but when you have thin wispy hair you really have to go the extra mile. That is when the hair thickening products come into play. They will help moisturize you hair without weighing it down while they plump up the shaft to help make it appear larger. Some people you might recognize with thin hair styles like this are Leonardo DiCapprio, David Beckham and Tom Cruise.

Thin Hair Styles Solutions

If you hair continues to thin here are a few things you can do to keep it up for longer. Get a trim every other week this will keep your hair from becoming flat and lifeless. Don't use gels, hair sprays or mousse these products will weigh your hair down and make it sticky. Use light conditioners to keep from making hair dull. Even if you are using the best products for thinning hair, it could take months for you hair to start to thicken up. So these tips should come in useful.