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Thermal Protectors For Heat Damage Protection

Investing in a thermal heat protector to keep your hair safe from damage is essential if you expose your locks to extreme temperatures such as those of a straightener, curling iron or even some dryers. Hair is not meant to deal with these temperatures on a regular or even on an infrequent basis.

Heat exposure can cause split ends or dry the shafts out. When damaged strands are placed under a microscope they show split end trauma, fractures and cuticle damage. When moisture is removed through heat damage you’ll see weaker shafts that are prone to infection, tangles, breaking and even loss and thinning.

The formula used in the majority of thermal protectors tends to include polymers that coat the shaft follicle effectively protecting against high temperatures and at the same adding moisture to reduce dehydration. Often Burdock and chamomile are used which adds body while improving shine and elasticity. Consider the following top options for thermal protectors, both in sprays and gels.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum

John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease serum has become incredibly popular for those with frizzy locks and it is no surprise as it is known for producing results. Therefore it shouldn’t be a shock that the thermal protection serum from the same company is one of the best. This product works by adding a glossy coating which will protect each of your strands from possible damage. In addition to protecting against hot styling tools, it will also help prevent UV damage and of course reduce frizz. The product stands out because long use over time can increase the shine of your hair making it look healthier. It contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant good for promoting healthy hair, phytantriol a hair conditioner, silk proteins for added elasticity and strength as well as amodimethicone for protection.

Nourish Thermal Protector

One of our favorite "protectors" is Nourish Thermal Protector. It is a heat-activated spray that pulls double-duty bothy as a heat protectant and a styling hairspray in one! As a spray, it avoids the sticky mess and clean-up found with serums and creams, and its quick-release formula allows , curling irons and straighteners to glide easily through the hair reducing snagging and moisture loss. It is one of the few heat protectors that also uses natural extracts - Chamomile, Burdock and Birch Bark - for improving strength, shine and adding natural nutrients. It has a light, refreshing fragrance that doesn't over-power perfumes or colognes.

CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion is specifically triggered by the heat of your styling tools so when you straighten or curl your locks, it will not only protect against the possible damage, but will add other benefits as well. The secret to this product is the combination of soy, wheat and silk proteins which work together to strengthen your strands and make them more manageable without creating any product build-up that is hard to remove.

Cortex Insulate Heat And UV Protector

For those who prefer sprays, Cortex Insulate Heat and UV Protector is the way to go. This product not only protects hair from hot styling tools, but it also prevents damage from UV rays. The secret to this product is its combination of olive oil as well as vitamins B5 and E which help nourish the hair. What makes this product stand out from the rest is that it is almost weightless once you apply it but still leaves your locks soft, shiny and smooth.

Crack Leave-In Hair Cream

Crack Leave-In Hair Cream is ideal for people who really mistreat their hair and not just with hot styling tools. The silk protein and acai extract in the hair cream not only provide both protection against heat and UV rays but also help moisturize the entire strand. What really sets this product apart, however, is its effectiveness even with damage caused by harsh chemicals such as chlorine or general dryness, making it ideal not only for those who use hot styling tools, but swimmers as well.

Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray

This product is specifically designed to use on dry hair before exposing it to a hot straightener or curling iron but it can also be used on damp hair before blow drying. It can protect your hair from harsh temperatures of up to 450 degrees, which is the highest setting most irons will have. It stands out from the others because instead of using parabens or alcohol to produce results, it relies on keratin which will naturally strengthen and nourish your hair.
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Nourish® Thermal Protector Thermal Protector

Non-stick, frictionless thermal protectant reduces damage permitting a clean, smooth release from styling tools - flat irons & curling irons. Hair is left brushable & volumized. Protects from heat damage and guards against breakage, snagging, tearing & splitting!

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