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Techniques And Products For Straightening Hair

Women with straight hair spend both time and money trying to make it curly. They get perms, and use curling irons, hot rollers, and other styling devices to add waves or curls to their hair. Similarly, many women who have wavy or curly hair prefer the look of their hair when it is straight. Straightening naturally curly hair is not an easy process, but there are several techniques you can try, as well as many hair straightening products you can use, to straighten your curly locks.

Home Blow Outs

A blow out refers to blow drying wavy or curly hair so that it is straight, giving hair a smooth, sleek look. A home blow out takes some time and practice to learn to do correctly. For the best home blow out, begin with freshly shampooed (with a shampoo for straight hair) and conditioned hair.

Towel blot hair to remove the excess water, and then apply a product formulated to protect hair from heat styling. After combing out tangles with a wide toothed comb, begin blow drying your hair at your hairline, and use a round, natural bristled brush.

Gently pull the brush through small sections of hair, and slowly run the blow dryer up and down the length of hair until the section is dry. As you finish each section, gently blast with cool air to help set the hair. When finished, apply a light spritz of a frizz control product or a little bit of hairspray.

Salon Blow Outs

If you are going to treat yourself to a salon straightening, ask for a Keratin treatment, also referred to as KT or a Brazilian treatment or blow out. The Keratin treatment consists of the application of a conditioning agent that contains numerous proteins and ingredients that restore damaged hair.

After application of the product, hair is blow dried straight. Once the hair has been blown out, the hair is pressed with a flat iron, which seals in the protective elements of the product. A KT treatment lasts a long time; the small amount of wave that may remain for people who have very curly hair can be easily blown straight at home with a blow dryer. Keratin treatments can also be used on color treated hair, unlike many chemical straighteners.

Flat Irons

A third way to straighten naturally wavy or curly hair is to use a flat iron. Flat irons are heat styling products that use heated plates to smooth and straighten hair. To use a flat iron, you put small sections of hair between the heated plates, and then allow the plates to close on the hair. Then you run the flat iron from the root to the tips of the hair sections. You may need to run the hair section through two or three times to make it completely smooth and straight. We recommend flat irons that have ceramic or tourmaline plates to avoid snagging. A digital flat iron helps control temperature as well.

Another type of flat iron consists of a rotating iron on one side, and brush bristles on the other. The hair is pulled taut by the bristles, and then the hot iron straightens the hair, resulting in sleek, smooth locks. Before using a flat iron, you should put a product on your hair that protects it from heat styling.

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