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How Systemic Enzymes Increase Hair Growth

Systemic enzymes have been linked to hair growth but understanding how they do so can be a bit of a challenge. Simply put, systemic enzymes are enzymes that give benefits to your entire “system” which refers to your body. Although none of the benefits will directly cause your hair to grow faster or start growing again. However, indirect action can.

Growth is a side effect of some of the benefits such as improved blood circulation. The problem is that systemic enzymes can be a bit complicated to understand so before going into detail about how they improve blood circulation and provide other benefits that lead to hair growth, let us explain.

What Is A Systemic Enzyme?

Enzymes exist to help make chemical reactions go faster and the body contains around 3,000 enzymes that are involved in more than 7,000 reactions (some estimates put the number at 25,000). Although a great deal of the enzymes in the body are involved in the digestive process, systemic enzymes have several unique functions. They serve as a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrosis (scar tissue), blood cleansers, immune system modulators and virus fighters.


Their benefits in terms of increasing hair growth starts with their powerful influence with increasing blood circulation. They are able to do this by consuming excess fibrin within the body which can cause blood to thicken, causing clots. Simply put, they help the liver in the cleansing process which in turn improves blood circulation. For directly improving blood flow to the scalp, many have turned to "follicle stimulators"; these products are formulated to topically add nutrients to the scalp and to aid in improved circulation. Most contain natural botanical or fruit extracts.

In turn, improved blood circulation helps your hair grow by bringing necessary nutrients to your hair follicles. This means that if your body does not have enough systemic enzymes you may see a reduction in hair growth or even hair loss but if you supplement your levels, you will start seeing hair growth.


Another one of the functions associated with systemic enzymes is reducing inflammation. When you have an injury, the area becomes inflamed due to the production of Circulating Immune Complexes (CICs). While at first this is beneficial because it will inform you that should attend to your injury, the inflammation can last for a long time which will result in the production of more CICs. The medications doctors prescribe to reduce the number of CICs may reduce all of them, both the good and the bad ones, but systemic enzymes are able to only eliminate the “bad” CICs, reducing your inflammation and leaving you healthy.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to several disorders including androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), therefore reducing inflammation can help promote growth. Because of this, many doctors have begun to include anti-inflammatories in hair growth treatments as the reduction in inflammation will help reverse the effects of hair loss. Systemic enzymes are just one way of decreasing inflammation naturally.

How To Increase Levels Of Systemic Enzymes

There are two main ways to increase your levels of systemic enzymes: take supplements or change your diet. While the supplements are the easy way out, if you want a more natural approach it is best to simply modify your diet.

When changing your diet, the goal is to start to eat more raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and nuts. That is because when you eat food that is cooked or processed, the body must use more enzymes which will drain the enzyme reserves. When you stick to raw foods, however, these reserves are left, leaving you with a greater number of systemic enzymes. That doesn’t mean you can only eat raw foods, but you should focus on increasing your intake.


Systemic Enzymes play an important role in the function of the body. Indirectly they can assist or inhibit hair growth. Maintaining a proper and balanced diet rich in unprocessed foods is important.

If you are suffering from pre-mature hair loss or slow growth, then consider a hair vitamin such as Healthy Hair Plus's Hair Nutrition Vitamins as supplements to your diet. For daily hair product use, we recommend Awaken & Replenish shampoo and conditioner that contains a complex of over 17 natural extracts that help improve scalp circulation.