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Common Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is essential for healthy, strong bones and healthy hair and scalp because one of the vitamin’s main functions is to maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorous in the body, which are important for follicle growth, bone development and hardening. It also helps the kidney to absorb excess calcium and helps to stimulate growth of new cells.

Vitamin D can also provide a boost to the immune system to prevent diseases. It is absorbed into the body quite easily through sunlight, and it can be found in many foods. Supplements of the nutrient can also be taken if exposure through diet and sunlight are minimal. Deficiencies of the vitamin can cause numerous problems - many related to hair and scalp. Recognizing the symptoms of a lack of this essential nutrient can help prevent these problems.

Rickets And Osteomalaciafollicleanse hair vitamins with vitamin d

Children with a lack of vitamin D in their bodies may get rickets. This disease is caused by the bones’ inability to mineralize properly, which causes the bones to form softly rather than hardening. Soft bones are more prone to breakage. Rickets can also cause abnormal skeletal developments. In addition to bone fractures that result from minimal injuries, bowing of the legs is a common sign of rickets. In adults, a long time lack of the nutrient can cause the bones to be abnormally fragile. In addition to feeling pain when bones are jarred or injured, fractures are much more common.

Muscle Pain And Weakness

Muscles are important for many bodily functions, and a deficiency in vitamin D can cause the muscles to weaken, making them unable to support the bones and perform their functions. This occurs because the muscles contain a receptor for the nutrient that is important for the muscles to develop; without enough vitamin D, the muscles cannot function properly. Aching and pain in the muscles without cause are symptoms of muscle weakness as a result of a lack of the essential nutrient.

Respiratory Illness

While doctors have known for a long time that not getting enough vitamin D can cause bone and muscle developmental problems, some of the other effects are more recent discoveries. Some studies have found that, particularly in children, a lack of this nutrient can make a person more susceptible to respiratory illnesses and diseases. In children, rates of influenza and bronchitis increase with deficiencies of vitamin D. Adults with inadequate amounts of the nutrient over a long period of time are also more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, including chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.

Hair And Skin

Thinning of the hair as a result of excessive shedding or disruptions to the growth cycle of hair follicles can also be attributed to deficiencies of vitamin D. Hair follicles contain receptor cells for the nutrient, and although it is not yet known how a lack of the nutrient affects those cells, it is believed that an inadequate amount of the nutrient can cause hair follicles to enter the resting phase much sooner or cause the hair follicles to stop producing at all. Some common scalp and skin disorders are also a symptom of deficiencies of vitamin D including seborrhea dermatitis and scalp psoriasis.

Scalp Psoriasis is one that scientists believe can be affected by the amounts of the nutrient in the body, as the nutrient helps to maintain a consistent rate of cell formation; for those with psoriasis, new skin cells are produced at more rapid than usual rates, causing a buildup of skin cells on the outside layers of the skin.
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