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Can Sun Exposure Cause Spider Veins?

Spider veins are close to the skinís surface, and they appear similar to varicose veins; however, you canít feel spider veins and they arenít swollen like the deeper, larger varicose veins. They occur most commonly on the face and legs, and they often have a branchlike appearance; they are sometimes referred to as road map veins.

Sun exposure is one of the causes of this condition. Sunlight has several adverse effects on the skin, including weakening of the skin tissues. This allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate the surface of the skin, affecting the blood vessels that lie beneath.

The Sun And Skin

Sunlight, and tanning beds, send out ultraviolet rays. These rays, at high levels, are damaging to the skin. They cause the most common type of skin cancer, melanoma. The blood vessels below the surface of the skin are also affected by ultraviolet rays. UV rays cause the blood vessels to weaken, causing them to dilate.

The weakening is caused by the breaking down of collagen, a component of the walls of blood vessels, by the UV rays. The blood pools in the veins, making them more noticeable.

Loss Of Hydration

In addition, the sun also decreases hydration in the skin. When skin is dry, it becomes less elastic. Your skin is typically quite fluid, which allows it to move with you rather than cracking or peeling when you move. Because of the effects of the sun, the skin becomes more rigid. This can prevent the blood from flowing properly through the veins; if the blood is not flowing, it pools in the vessels and contributes to the formation of spider veins.

The Sun And Aging

As the body ages, the effects of the sun can become more evident in the form of spider veins. Aging causes the cells to break down, and it slows down the production of new cells. Because the condition of the cells of the skin is already weakened, the effect of the ultraviolet rays is more rapid because the cells and blood vessels are already weakened. Unfortunately, you may also have damaged your skin and blood vessels when you were younger.

This could be the result of many hours outdoors playing in the sun or from deliberately exposing your skin to the sun for the purpose of getting a tan. Many younger people tend not to think much about protecting their skin from UV rays; when you become older, you may be more inclined to use sunscreen and limit exposure, but much of the damage to your skin and blood vessels has already occurred and as a result, one of the primary causes of spider veins is prolonged UVA/UVB exposure and chronic or repeated burning and peeling.

Protecting Your Skin

To prevent spider veins from the sun, make sure you wear lightly colored clothing that covers the majority of your skin. Wearing a large brimmed hat can protect your face from UV rays. Because you canít always be covered up, make sure you protect your skin from UV rays by using a moisturizer on your face that blocks UV rays and wearing sun block on the rest of your body. This will prevent the UV rays from penetrating your skin and damaging tissues and blood vessels.

An excellent treatment for spider veins are products like Capiderm that contain Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps repair broken capillaries and clear discoloration.
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