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Summer Hairstyles

Though for most of the summer is coming to a close and kids are back at school, the heat is still on for much of the country.

Although some hairstyles such as ponytails and loose natural hair are frequently in style, the trends can change drastically from month to month and season to season. In the summer, many of the trendiest styles tend to be those that get the strands out of the face, allowing you to stay cool although this is not always the case.

Straight and Natural

During the summer fashion shows, it became obvious that straight natural-looking hair is back in style for this season. Those who naturally have straight locks won’t need to put in much effort except perhaps to add a bit of spray to keep the strands in place.

Soft Waves

Another classic and simple option that was seen at the fashion shows was soft waves that appear natural. This style works for any length and is ideal for those who have a slight natural wave in their strands already. When using curling irons to achieve this look, it is important to always use a heat protectant to prevent damage to the cuticle and shaft.

Side Swept

Whether the hair is being worn straight or slightly wavy, a side swept look will be incredibly popular this spring. This allows women to wear their hair down but still keep it out of their face. With longer locks, the strands that are swept to the side may be in the form of bangs while generally for shorter hairdos such as bobs, these are simply shorter layers.


Some people see wearing the hair straight down as boring and that is why accessories were seen on the runway during the summer fashion shows for 2014. A headband or barrette can be used to help with sweeping to the side or simply be another option to pull it away from the face. Accessories are an excellent way to style without damaging via styling products or heat.


Ponytails have always been a classic hairstyle and this is especially true in spring when the weather starts to warm up.

Although there are a huge range of options for ponytails, the trend for summer 2014 seems to be a low and sleek ponytail. They can be parted anywhere and accessorized with a barrette or headband.


A popular variation of the classic ponytail for summer is one with a bit of added volume. This involves teasing the hair slightly and creating a looser ponytail.

The idea behind ponytails with volume is that they are supposed to appear effortless and in reality should not take much more time than a basic ponytail.


Braids have been in style for the last several seasons and this will continue during the spring. They can be simple such as a classic braid, French braid or fishtail.

There are also more elaborate braided options that were seen on the runway this season including milkmaid braids that wrap around the head. The range of braids allows for casual and fancier looks as well as options that provide relief from the late summer heat.