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Spider Veins and Sun Exposure

Exposure to the sunís rays is not one of the better ideas in todayís world. The number of issues caused by the sun, continue to grow by the day. Spider veins are no different in this sense.

The sun weakens the skin layer so that it is less able to cope with issues associated with spider veins - simply, sun exposure and spider veins don't mix!

Keeping covered and using appropriate skin care products is the best way to avoid spider veins. If past sun expose has put you at risk for a better chance of finding spider veins on your nose and face, start protecting yourself now and following good practices and appropriate facial skin care.

Why the sun is bad

Inhibiting the skins ability to move this way and that is an effect of the suns rayís you may not have considered. The sun dries and damages the skin so it becomes less plastic in nature. Give it a thought for a moment. How many different directions does the skin need to move in order to keep up with your daily movements? If its plasticity is diminished, it doesnít move as much.

Spider veins are the dilation of veins at the surface layers of the skin. If the skin cannot move to let the blood vein dilate, the blood needs to find somewhere else to go. Essentially, this means several more spider veins will form as the blood seeks a place to go.

After too much sun

In your younger days, you were likely not all that concerned with getting to much sun. Lying out at the beach was just the thing to do. Putting on baby oil was also likely a regular occurrence to heighten the affects of the sunís rays. That was then and this is now when it comes to too much sun.

Your skin will never be like it was but using skin creams to help repair what was done is a good place to start. Since the skin has been damaged to the point of losing its plasticity, spider veins are more likely to occur. If they have already shown up, try a proven spider vein cream to address that particular issue. Past using creams, try to cover up and rejuvenate your skin so the spider veins donít return because of the sun.

Pigmentation issues

One of the potential issues that spider veins cause at their more extreme is unnatural pigmentation of the skin. Discoloration is often the end result.

The sunís rays are likely to become more of an issue in this case as the pigmentation of the skin is what helps to fend off the dangers that the suns rays present. Using a product to mitigate spider veins will help to lessen some potentially harmful outcomes of spider veins down the road.
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