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Spider Veins and Pregnancy

Does Being Pregnant Create Spider Veins?

Spider veins occur for several reasons. Some are physical reasons while others are chemical. None are life threatening but are more of a cosmetic and minor irritation in some people. Because women are more susceptible than men, the biological associations between them come into play. Hormones, in this sense, are the primary association and one of the leading issues in pregnant women.

Not to worry

Of the two major periods in a woman’s life, where hormones are at their peek, pregnancy is the one where spider veins offer the more distressing psychological effect. There are so many changes going on in the body that the appearance of "starburst" or thread veins is but one more aspect of the pregnancy that the woman may not want to deal with.

Hormones simply magnify the appearances importance and stress that comes with it. They are not an overly important physical issue when it comes to a pregnancy unless there are other issues involved.

What’s going on?

The appearance of spider veins when a woman is pregnant just means that hormones have affected yet another part of the body. Additional blood flow is needed to support the pregnancy and is causing additional work for certain blood vein valves in the system. This is not a huge issue.

The spider veins are simply the end result of the vein system dealing with the added blood flow and associated pressures that result. Some of the valves that are directing the flow of the blood cannot deal with the added flow and fail. This is no big deal as the blood simply backs up and results in seeping and increased pressure - especially in the legs.

This too will pass

Once the pregnancy is over they disappear in some instances. They may come back if the woman becomes pregnant again and during menopause, but if proper treatment of the condition is followed they can be dismissed and/or controlled. Using creams with the approval of your doctor will do the trick in most instances, while following good exercise habits after the pregnancy will also help.

Good health choices

One of the better ideas after a pregnancy is to follow good health practices. Baby and mother should stay out of the sun with mother exercising as directed. Using a proven spider vein cream will help get rid of veins that have shown up while exercise will aide with skin plasticity. Both of these choices will help to reduce future attacks and leave time for the baby.