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Spider Veins and Pain – An Overview

Spider veins and varicose veins are quite a common occurrence, mostly amongt women. However they appear both in men and women. These veins generally develop during the ages of 18 and 35 and peak during the age of 50 and 60. While these veins are not really a serious medical condition, spider vein treatment is often opted for as they are a cosmetic nuisance and be effectively treated with skin care.

Pain and Spider Veins

Spider veins in most cases are not a symptomatic medial problem; however there are a significant number of people that experience pain and discomfort with their presence.

This pain and discomfort is experienced more when the spider veins occur in clusters and when there is matting of the veins. Flaring up of the ankles can also cause a lot of pain. Pain is also common when spider veins occur as a result of ‘blow outs’ caused by varicose veins in the area.

The kind of pain and discomfort that one might experience if they have spider veins varies from person to person. Some of the common symptoms are burning and aching. Stinging sensations are also common when the condition worsens.

People who have fragile skin should be vary of bruising and putting pressure on their skin as these injuries can lead to the formation of spider veins. However, it must noted that this condition does not always cause pain and discomfiture and most people do feel better after going through treatment for spider veins.

Methods of Treatment for Spider Veins

While spider veins are not medical condition that one needs to be worried about, most people prefer to get them treated as they are more of a cosmetic problem. There are various ways in which this can be done laser rejuvenation treatments, support or skin care options can help:

  • Support stockings: This is perhaps one of the most traditional approaches to the treatment of spider veins. These are basically support hoses that are properly fitted and are especially useful when the veins are uncomfortable or painful. These are readily available at surgical supply stores and they come in pantyhose styles, below and above the knee styles. You can also try covering them up using a spray-on pantyhose.
  • Change of lifestyle – Changing one’s lifestyle can also make a significant change in the reduction of Spider veins. Good hygiene of the skin, loss of excess weight and walking can help treat this condition.
  • Medical option – Sclerotheraphy is a procedure for the treatment of Spider veins that has been available since 1930. It is a fairly simply procedure whereby a saline solution very high in concentration is injected into the veins. This causes the veins to disappear over 3 to 6 weeks.
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