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Treatment & Creams for Spider Veins in the Breasts

Help Heal and Clear Visible or Prominent Breast Veins

A breast vein, matting or starburst spider veins generally appear on the periphery of bust tissue - often below and to the sides.

As with similar symptoms, marking or stretch marks, spider veins are most common during and following pregnancy or weight gain or loss - as well as following plastic surgery or augmentation.

Purple, red and blue appearance is common, however varicose-type or protruding is often a sign of deep-tissue clogging that may require removal if acute or swollen.

As tissue expands during milking or feeding, pressure of trunk and "feeder" capillaries can protrude, become damaged or have blood flow restricted. This can lead to seepage, wall splitting or rupturing, or valve malfunction blocking normal flow resulting in discoloration.

StriMedix-K helps fade and clear the appearance of spider veins in the breasts and help heal vein wall structure, while improving valve health.

Applied to the bust, results are generally seen in 2-4 weeks and healing and prevention has occurred for some clients in as little as 2-3 months with consistent, daily application.

Effective Treatment for:
  • Prominent and visible breast veins
  • Spider veins on, in, or around the bust
  • Blue, purple or red starburst or matting from pregnancy
  • Post-feeding or surgical care
  • Following implant, enlargement or augmentation
StriMedix-K is a maximum-strength Vitamin K cream with Phytotonine shown to effective for removal and cure of superficial spider veins on the legs, face, breasts and nose.

Formulated with Aloe Vera and Green Tea, it helps soothe and replenish moisture to the skin, while providing antioxidant protection that can damage cell membranes causing leaking and poor circulation.