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Skin TightSkin Tight body firming and skin tightening products

Skin Tight is one of the leading and most successful brands for body firming and skin tightening products. From their best-selling body firming lotion to their accelerated, fast-acting wrinkle serum, Skin Tight has the reputation for skin tightening cream, lotions and serums that work.

Skin Tight Body Firming Lotion is one of the best-selling and top-rated firming lotions in the U.S. and their recently announced Neck Firming Lotion and Breast Firming Lotion compliment the brand with targeted ingredients that smooth, firm and tighten skin!

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Skin Tight Wrinkle Serum - Instant face lift - "The Cinderella Serum" Wrinkle Serum Instant Firm Serum 50% OFF

Concentrated anti wrinkle serum tightens and hydrates immediately and provides positive long term skin care effects by strengthening connective tissue.

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Skin Tight Neck Firming Lotion Skin Tight Neck Firming Lotion Buy One Get One FREE!

Our best-selling neck lotion for firming, tightening and smoothing neck wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck!  Soothing lotion that moisturizes, softens and neck wrinkles and fine lines!

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Skin Tight Breast Firming Lotion Skin Tight Breast Firming Lotion Buy One Get One FREE!

Formulated for senstive breast skin, firms and tightens, reduces sagging, lifts and defines. For use to firm loose or sagging skin from weight loss, childbirth, nursing, or aging.

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For over 12 years, Skin Tight has been the top-rated and best selling body firming lotion. Its unique combination of ingredients provide hydrating moisture, tissue rejuvenation, antioxidant protection and firming that makes dry, wrinkled or sagging skin look and feel young. Over a 1 million sold!

Body Firming

While its firming and skin tightening benefits are well known, Nourish Skin Tight - the Original body firming lotion - is popular with all ages for its reputation as a superb moisturizing lotion and cream. Blended with rich, healing Aloe, Green Tea extract, DMAE, and Vitamin E, it helps improve the health of connective fibers and tissue that gives a healthy look and feel to your skin.

Skin Tight is an excellent compliment to weight loss programs to help firm and tighten stomach and tummy, under arms, thighs, neck and waist. It is a favorite among new mothers who are working hard to get back their pre-pregnancy shape and form.

Equally, it is a best seller at fitness centers, weight loss centers, spas, and even salons - anywhere people want to look and feel their best!

Recently, Skin Tight body firming lotion was expanded to include 4 additional fragrances to compliment the Original Mango - Orange Love Spell, Tea Tree, Lavender, and French Vanilla. The brand has also announced the development of two new firming lotions for Neck and Breast firming - targeting sagging and wrinkled necks and sagging breasts to replenish hydration and firm and tighten tissue in these sensitive areas.

Neck Firming

Skin Tight Neck Firming Lotion uses a proprietary blend of Aurasphere N, PephaTight, and Aloe in a rich, smooth moisturizer to enhance the neck line and reduce wrinkling and sagging of tissue. It helps rebuild collagen and elastin fibers while smoothing lines and wrinkles making your neckline look and feel years younger. It is an excellent all-purpose lotion that helps fight gravity and signs of aging while infusing healthy moisturization.

Breast Firming

Formulated with BioPeptide poly-peptides for enhanced collagen synthesis and BioBusty, Skin Tight Breast Firming Lotion improves tone, shapeliness, and lift for healthier, firm breasts. The addition of super-moisturizing ingredients soften skin for suppleness and improved tissue health. It is excellent for healthy lift to sagging breasts due to aging, childbirth and feeding. For even more concentrated firming and lifting, also consider what we believe to be the best firming breast cream, Dermory ST.

Wrinkle Control

Skin Tight Wrinkle Serum is an "instant" wrinkle control serum that offers immediate and long-term smoothing and softening of wrinkles and fine lines. A concentrated, rich serum formulated with Aloe, Hyaluronic (HA), Pullulan and L-Arginine, it provides fast smoothing of wrinkles to help your complexion look years younger in as little as 15 minutes.