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Psoriasis Treatments

The best psoriasis treatments for addressing the symptoms and causes of itching, flaking, inflammation and scaling.

Advanced natural formulas minimize and inhibit effects of triggers that cause outbreaks, pain, and irritation. Psoriasis cream, oils, lotion and sprays address symptoms of plaque, guttate, erythrodermic and pustular types on the legs, neck, elbows, arms, face and head.

The most advanced over-the-counter psoriasis treatment remedies available provide soothing relief from itching, tenderness and flaking while encouraging renewed tissue health!

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Psoriasis Cream

While there are several effective psoriasis remedies available over the counter for treating psoriasis symptoms, psoriasis cream - when formulated with the right ingredients - is one of the best remedies for subsiding symptoms. For clearer skin and for relief from itching, scaling and inflammation, ingredients such as Borage Oil (GMA), Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are at the top of the list for effective treatment.

The number one goal is to provide hydration to relieve dryness, rash, and cracking. Indirectly this soothes inflammation, redness and soreness; and Borage Oil and Tea Tree Oil, in particular, are very effective for clearing skin. Additionally, seaweed extract, especially in spray form and application, has been proven to further subside symptoms due to its strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and concentration of polysaccharides that prolong cell life, reduce discomfort and inhibit effects of autoimmune skin problems.

Psoriasis creams are especially effective for use on the legs, neck, scalp, arms and elbows. Where skin is tender, inflamed or has a proliferation of scaling, a spray is recommended to avoid further damage to the tissue. For most creams, Borage Oil (GMA) is one of the most sought-after active ingredients. It has anti-redness, anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for reducing flare-ups. Both creams and sprays have been shown effective for plaque psoriasis, guttate, pustular and inverse psoriasis types.


The causes of psoriasis remain elusive however it is agreed autoimmune reactions to perceived infection or damage prompt generation (over-generation) of skin cells and tissue and proliferation of thick, red areas that scale, blister, or crack. Control or regulation of this reaction is core to psoriasis treatment. Conversely, treatment of symptoms often provides the best hope and remedy to the "heartbreak of psoriasis" - as the advertisements go. Treating symptoms requires several targeting remedies - moisturization and hydration to reduce flaking, dryness, rash and cracking; reduction of inflammation, redness and tenderness, and efforts to normalize skin cell growth. Psoriasis creams such as Psoria contain active compounds developed specifically to address each of these symptomatic issues.

Psoriasis Treatments

In addition to creams, common psoriasis treatments include dermatologist prescribed medications that inhibit auto-immune reactions that cause symptoms. These medication may be combined with topical treatments such as products that contain coal tar solutions or foams. Phototherapy with low-level UVB light sources can also be effective. As an expansion of light therapy is laser treatment targeted directly at specific patches. This technique encourages blood flow to help create normalized skin cells.

Home Remedies

While many people choose to use a psoriasis cream, spray or prescribed medications, home remedies for psoriasis continue to be popular routes of treatment. And while results are inconclusive, several home remedies such as increased exposure to sunlight, the use of fish oil (omega 3's), topical application of Aloe Vera, and use of a home humidifier have been reported to have some positive results.

Treating Psoriasis Symptoms

Most types of psoriasis are related to autoimmune responses triggered by a variety of factors: sunlight, infections, injury, stress, medications, and seemingly unrelated medical issues such as arthritis. Symptoms can vary depending on the type. Plaque and Guttate psoriasis or commonly diagnosed by raised inflammation, over-production of skin cells that scale and flake, widespread redness - particularly on elbows, lower back and legs, and in the case of pustular psoriasis, blistering and pustules. Scabbing, peeling, and dry or cracking skin are common as is chronic itching around affected areas.