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Skin Care for Dry Skin

If your skin feels like sandpaper and you notice little white flakes regardless of how many times you wash, then you are the victim of dry skin. Dry skin is caused by many factors.From genetics to a dry climate, dry skin is a common problem for many. To help prevent dry skin follow these tips.
Drink Water
Dehydration is a leading cause of dry skin.Drink at least 6-8 8oz glasses a day to keep your body hydrated. This is especially true if you regularly exercise or suffering from a common cold. The body can lose as much as 8 ounces of fluid during a strenuous exercise, and the constant blowing of your nose, the loss of fluids, and repeated breaks to the restroom can drain the body of hydration. Replenishing fluids should be a high priority.
Add Humidifiersdry skin and complexion face and body wash
Air conditioning, heating and dry climates can unnecessarily dry out your skin. Add a few humidifiers to your home and workplace.This will keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh. Again, if you exercise a lot, you probably take a lot of showers. If so, soaps, washes and some skin products can wash away essential oils needed for proper tissue protection, and the heat and steam of a comforting shower can lead to dryness.
Skin Care Products
Read labels carefully on all skin care products.Overuse of exfoliants, Retin-A, and benzoyl peroxide can create drying. Though some products can be damaging, skin care for dry skin can help heal and rejuvenate dryness.
Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil and Hyaluronic Acid are all prominent ingredients in skin products for dry skin. Advanced compounds and botanical extracts allow skin care formulators to develop skin care for dry skin without oily or greasy feel or residue. Each of these ingredients serve to provide protection (loss of moisture) as well as replenishment.

Emu and
Jojoba Oil in particular are known for penetrating into deeper tissue layers and acts as a moisturizing shield - helping to lock-in moisture. Hyaluronic Acid (HA for short), though the name sounds uninviting, occurs naturally in our bodies and is a "hydrator". Products that use HA are typically formulated to ADD moisture - a good benefit if you chronically experience dryness.
Try to use a hydrating mask (or masque, as some prefer) regularly.Just make sure this skin care product will not dry out your skin.Check the label carefully for any ingredient that might cause dryness. A mask allows for rejuvenation of severe drying - as much a treatment as a simple product. The objective of the mask is to allow an extreme replenishment.
Moisturizing Sunscreen
The sun’s rays can dry out your skin and rob moisture - especially if you experience a sunburn.Select a sunscreen to use daily that also has moisturizers that will maintain hydration.
Mineral MakeUp
There are makeup products on the market for all kinds of skin types.Choose makeup that has moisturizer in it and is specifically made for dry skin.Or, choose a foundation that keeps the moisture in your skin.
Mineral makeup is considered one of the safest products for facial skin in that it does not irritate, does not induce allergic reaction (leading to redness and inflammation), and has been shown as effective skin care for dry skin...protecting hydration.
Supplements and Diet
Choose foods that are high in fatty acids.These will help keep your skin moist and young looking.Try to eat plenty of fish or flaxseed oil, as these are both high in fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vital to good skin care.
Moisturizersidebenone cream for dry skin
With dry skin, moisturizers and complexion creams are an essential element in any skin care regimen. Check the label on all moisturizers and make sure they do not have products that will dry out the skin such as alcohol.Baby oil is an effective moisturizer as it traps natural oils against the skin.
Facial skin are very similar, both have thin, fragile and sometimes sensitive skin and both have similar exposure to the elements. Recently it has become popular as a face cream because it not only moisturizes, but is effective at firming and tightening the skin, fading discoloration and blemishes, and promoting new cell reproduction and generation.
Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are a natural dehydrator and can cause dry skin.Try to avoid it at all costs or drink in moderation. Alcohol is a diahrettic and causes the body to dehydrate and lose fluids.
Prescription Medication
If you are on any prescription medications check with your doctor or pharmacist.Many prescriptions can cause dry skin. Your doctor might be able to recommend another prescription or a moisturizer to counteract the effects.
As the weather cools and dry, low humidity air creeps in, taking special precautions to guard against dry skin are necessary. Dry skin can lead to cracking, splitting, soreness while tightening. Taking a few simple measures and tips to protect against dryness and using skin care for dry skin will give you smooth, soft and younger looking skin.

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