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30% OFF CapiDerm Rx Spider Veins Treatment
CapiDerm Rx Spider Veins Treatment - Vitamin K Cream for removal of spider veins

30% OFF SALE! Advanced strength spider veins treatment for the removal of spider veins!

  • Reduces appearance of spider veins and thread veins
  • Helps clear bruises, redness and rosacea
  • Aids to strengthen vein walls and capillary health
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30% OFF SALE! CapiDerm Rx Spider Veins Treatment

CapiDerm Rx - Advanced strength spider veins treatment for the removal of spider veins, bruises and to restore capillary and vessel wall structure. 3% Vitamin K formula combined with Phytotonine improves vein wall and capillary health. Strengthens veins, improve valve health and reduce the appearance of spider veins on and in the legs, face, nose and thighs.

The only spider veins cream to combine Vitamin K and Phytotonine to reduce redness, thread veins, spider veins and rosacea. This spider veins treatment works on everything from spider veins to bruises.

  • Excellent for spider veins on the legs, the face, nose and around the eyes!
  • Replenish Vitamin K deficiency and improve capillary permeability
  • Improve peripheral blood circulation
  • Reduce redness, bruises and coagulation
  • Reinforce vascular walls and improve vein micro-circulation

The Benefits of CapiDerm Rx for Spider Veins

  • Reduces appearance of spider veins and thread veins
  • Helps clear bruises, redness and rosacea
  • Aids to strengthen vein walls and capillary health
  • A great treatment for the calves, thighs, hips, and nose

Before we begin telling you about the benefits of CapiDerm Rx cream forSpider veins, it’s important to make you aware of what this medical condition is all about.

Spider veins are a smaller manifestation of varicose veins. While varicose veins appear enlarged and have a cord-like, twisted and bulging shape.

Spider veins appear like spider webs and threads that are present closer to the surface of the skin, unlike varicose veins. Also, they can cover a large area of the skin, or a small area.

What is CapiDerm Rx?

CapiDerm Rx is a proprietary professional strength Vitamin K spider veins treatment cream that has its primary component, 3 % of pharmaceutical grade Vitamin K and vein strengthening Phytotonine. Like many other creams, what CapiDerm Rx does is that it utilizes a topical skin care dermal delivery system that helps in the healing of the medical condition called Spider veins.

The Effect of Usage

Different experts have different viewpoints, when it comes to the treatment options and effect of the treatment on spider veins. Some experts would suggest laser treatment while others recommend the continuous long-term application of creams like CapiDerm Rx.

Creams do help in diffusing the background redness that is one of the prime symptoms of spider veins. Also, they have been effective in the healing of bruises and scars. However, the effect of such spider veins treatment creams on each individual is different and results may vary. However, the primary active ingredients in Capiderm Rx have been effective for fading, removal, and reducing the appearance of spider veins on the face, legs, around the eyes, and nose.

Active Ingredients work to Diminish Spider Veins
Active ingredients strengthen vein walls, improve venus vein health, repair and hydrate cell membranes, coagulate and clear captured or trapped capillary blood and seepage.

  • Vitamin K strengthens vein walls
  • Phytotonine improves vein wall and capillary health
  • Emu oil penetrates deep carrying active ingredients
  • Vitamin E promotes and improve circulation
  • Hyaluronic Acid improves hydration and fluid retention
  • Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes
  • Jojoba deep cleans and lubricates
  • Shea butter infuses hydration and heals dryness

Causes of Spider Veins

When the valves controlling blood flow or the wall in the vein become weak, it leads to an enlargement of the blood vessels. In medical terms, this is known as sunburst varicosities or Telangiectasias.

The causes for spider vein cannot be isolated into one or two. There are different causes under different conditions. Exposure to extreme temperature variations, wind and sun damage, use of oral contraceptives, hormonal issues particularly in women, aging, and genetic predisposition are among the most common causes for spider vein.

In women a larger incidence is observed. Use of oral contraceptives, certain cosmetic applications, issues relating to pregnancy, obesity or overweight are among the common causes when we consider spider vein occurrence in women.

The singular factor common to all these conditions is poor blood circulation within the metabolic system. The blood that gets pumped up to the heart has a fair distance to travel on its return path, before reaching the legs.

Characteristics of Spider Veins

Spider veins are within the larger scope of the vascular system, but not an essential component. There is negligible or nil health risk associated with spider vein, but the social embarrassment can be a personal issue requiring treatment for removal of the spider veins.

Night cramps, discomfort or swelling localized to the affected area can be experienced by some of the patients. In some other cases , the discomfort will be absent although the visible blotch of blue, red or purple bunch of veins right under the skin can be a cause for concern.

Spider Veins Treatment

While there are a number of natural ways to prevent spider veins from occurring or even arrest further growth after initial signs have developed, some of the more common treatment approaches are discussed below. If you can avoid standing for long duration that would greatly compliment your efforts in minimizing the spread of spider veins.

Conventional treatments are Laser Therapy wherein the treatment is quick, non-invasive and with no discomfort. Sclerotherapy uses a sclerosing injection and is equally quick. However, a 2nd or 3rd treatment may be necessary.

Spider Veins and Vitamin K – The Relationship

It is commonly known that vitamin K pills, creams, and lotions are in great demand as a cure for spider veins. This is because of the fact that Vitamin K is supposed to positively affect the working of the veins and thus helps get rid of spider veins.

Vitamin K – The Magical Component...How Does It Help?

Vitamin K promotes the process of coagulation and anti-oxidation. The Vitamin is also fat soluble and hence can be used topically, can be ingested, or can also be taken using an injection. However, if you don’t want to apply Vitamin K or ingest it like a medicine, you can take in foods rich in Vitamin K like various vegetables and legumes, beef, cabbages, cauliflowers.

Made in the USA

  • Pure Vitamin K
    Phytotinine provides oxygen to the vein
    Moisturizing cream base