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Scalp products to destroy DHT

By now, many people are aware of the hormone DHT as a culprit for male pattern baldness and sometimes in hair loss for women, and some are aware that there are scalp products that can suppress, or destroy it. These products are designed as topical treatments to aid hair by eliminating the hormone before it can attach to the hair at its base and cause damage, or more likely, to strip the hormone after it is already attached.

It is important to recognize that these treatments require a commitment on the part of the consumer to maintain a regimen that will help them to work. It is also important to understand that they are not designed for instant hair growth. Consistent treatments will yield results over a period of time, and if continued can prevent substantial hair loss.
Good treatments will be multi-faceted, attacking DHT, but also stripping away sebum and cholesterol, as well as providing nutrients that hair needs!

Just as with most physical treatments, topical treatment of the scalp must address all of the contributing factors to the problem. A person with allergies knows that to treat them, not only is it necessary to mitigate the symptoms such as a stuffy nose and watery eyes; it is as important to remove allergens as much as possible from his immediate environment and make healthy choices with regard to what he consumes. In the same way, scalp products that destroy DHT must also be able to treat secondary factors that contribute to thinning hair and hair loss.


The short version is DHT is created when enzymes convert. DHT on the other hand restricts blood flow to the scalp causing balding. An effective solution to hair loss is to inhibit or "block" DHT. Typically these blockers are scalp products that contain Zinc or Trichogen - the two most effective ingredients to inhibit conversion. Likewise, these scalp products come in several forms - sprays (often referred to as follicle stimulators), topical applications (drops), as as dht inhibiting shampoos and zinc shampoos.

Sebum is an oil that secretes from the pores on the scalp. This oil naturally conditions the hair, but for people with thinning hair, it contains both DHT and cholesterol, which can cause further problems. Scalp treatments that remedy the secondary problems associated with thinning hair are far more likely to provide the type of noticeable hair growth sought by consumers.

Also, an effective treatment should either provide nutrients to stimulate hair growth, or enable hair to receive the nutrients that it needs by improving circulation to it. In most cases, vitamin supplements, or herbs will be recommended to enhance the topical treatment. If the treatment does provide, or enable this kind of nutrition, it redevelops the cycle of healthy growth in the hair that is natural. All of this is necessary to ensure successful growth, thickening and strengthening of hair.

What kinds of scalp treatments for destroying DHT are available now?

Consumers who have researched treatment for thinning hair can attest that many hundreds, if not thousands of brands and systems are advertised for hair growth. Some companies provide treatments that are heavy on the destruction of DHT, but may lack focus on some of the other ingredients to successfully treat thinning hair.

However, finding a good treatment is not difficult. Topical treatments that attack the hormonal core of the problem, strip away excess sebum and the toxins it carries and provide for the nutritional care of hair are available at reasonable prices. These treatments should also be supplemented with vitamins to enhance the scalp’s overall health.