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Rollers Or Brush – Which Should I Choose?

When it comes to hairstyles, not everyone has the exact type of hair that they want and one of the most common complaints is that women with straight hair would prefer it to be curly or wavy. There are multiple methods to accomplishing this goal and apart from using a curling iron, the two most common are with rollers or with a brush.

How to Curl with Rollers

There are several different types of rollers so the first step to using them is to determine if they work best with wet or dry hair. For hot rollers you should always use dry strands but wet rollers require wet strands to start. You will then divide your hair into multiple sections and begin working on the bottom layer. Place small chunks in curlers and then the next step will vary based on the type of roller.

You should leave hot rollers in until they are completely cooled which is around 10 or 15 minutes. When using foam or Velcro rollers, you should first apply some heat with a dryer and then let them cool for at least 15 to 20 minutes although waiting longer will create tighter curls. If you have a wet roller, you need to wait until the strands have dried completely but you can speed it up with a blow dryer.

How to Curl with Brush

In order to curl your hair using a brush, you should have a round one and a dryer. You will then begin the same way as with rollers: by sectioning out your hair. Start with a small piece and blow dry, running it through the brush. Then wrap it so its entire length is around the brush. At this point you should blow directly onto the hair around the brush with hot air and then cool air to set the curls. As you remove the curl, be sure to slowly twist the brush so the curls stay.


In addition to the differences in the actual act of styling, one of the most important things to consider when choosing how to curl your hair is the damage you are causing. It is always important to use a heat protectant of some sort but in general, the more direct contact your strands have with heat, the more damage is likely to occur.

Therefore, if you use hot rollers you will cause more damage than curling with a brush but if you opt for wet rollers, then that will protect your hair much better because it won’t be exposed to any heat.

Sizing Options

Another factor to consider when selecting whether to use rollers or a brush and blow dryer is what size curls you want to have. Rollers come in a large range of sizes which make it easier to pinpoint the tightness of curls. While you can buy different size round brushes depending on your needs, rollers tend to be more affordable, making them a better option if you like to vary the size of your curls from day to day.

Shampoos & Conditioners

To maintain curls and waves, we recommend using a keratin-enriched shampoo and conditioner like Kepatos. Kepatos hair products were developed specifically to re-build and strength protein bonds that improve strength and flexibility - while smoothing frizz and fly-away. This allows for bouncy curls and waves while adding lightweight moisture to help protect from damage and improve overall hair health.

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