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Restoring Curl To Naturally Curly Hair That Is Flat

There are some people who have curly hair and spend time and money getting relaxers and straighteners to have a straight, shiny style. There are others who wear their hair rather natural and wonder why it starts to fall flat. With natural, curly hair there can be several reasons it may start to fall flat and lose the bounce you are accustom to.

From Damage

Those who like to change up their hairstyle and go from curly to straight will go through quite a few techniques to get a straight, shiny look. If normally curly hair has become big, fluffy and full of static youíre dealing with damage. One thing youíll want to do is avoid all products and shampoos with drying alcohol in them. This will continue to dry your hair out which will only add frizz. Some of these are; witch hazel, propanol, propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol, and ethanol.

In addition youíll want to start changing your habits. Begin by washing your hair with shampoo only every other day or so. Wash it without shampoo every day. Do this by rinsing with warm (but not hot) water and applying a conditioner for curly hair. Let it sit while you do the rest of your shower routine so it can fully hydrate your scalp and hair.

To insure you are getting enough moisturizer in your dried and fried curls get a deep conditioner as well. Try to find one that is meant for curly hair so it isnít too heavy. This will help to insure you get enough hydration to your locks without weighing them down. Finally, consider doing a hot oil treatment to restore moisture to your frizzy hair.

Weighed Down Curls

If youíre having flat, limp hair because itís somewhat thin and curly there is a chance itís not damaged but is struggling under the weight of products you have used. You may be thinking that you donítí use many styling products. Curly hair can get weighed down even by shampoo, chlorine in your water and dirt that hasnít been cleaned away by your shampoo. This weight can pull curls flat in thin and fragile hair.

Clarifying Shampoo

To help rectify hair that is flat due to a build up itís a great idea to get a high-quality clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo can help get the shafts of your hair ready to accept a moisture rich treatment as well. Make sure to invest in a high quality one so that you get all the build-up out of your hair without damaging it and one made for curly hair is best.

Once you have clarified your hair you will want to use a lightweight conditioner that is made for curly hair. This will help to add moisture back to your hair and yet not weigh it down. A quality curl defining cream can also be useful for bringing the bounce back. You wonít want to wash with this shampoo often, but every time you do, make sure you follow with a great conditioner.

The best advice is to look for the best hair products for curly hair. They typically will contain Keratin that strengthen the folliucle shaft allowing curls to maintain their shape without going flat or producing frizz. This combined with added moisture will restore natural curliness and waves, and a light spray will give added hold and help block humidity.

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