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Remove Wrinkles with Anti Wrinkle 55

Advanced Wrinkle Cream to Remove Wrinkles & Fine Line

Remove wrinkles and fine lines with today's
best wrinkle cream. An anti aging skin product formulated with 8% Argireline and 10% Hyaluronic Acid to tighten sagging skin and wrinkles while infusing hydration and moisture.

Age is not actually the factor that directly affects us rather it is the signs and the manifestations of aging that we dislike. We can say that your age does not matter if there are no lines to show it. Being mistaken to be five years younger that you really are is a compliment that would even make anyone feel younger.

Frankly, it can be said that people base our age about 90% of the time on the appearance of our face, the laugh lines, the crows feet and the other visible lines present there. But the sad thing though is that sometimes skin ages faster than it should due to two factors.

These are what we call the intrinsic or the internal aging, and the extrinsic aging which is caused by external factors.

Intrinsic aging is a natural aging process where the elasticity of the skin is gradually reduced. All the things we take in and the kind of nutrition we feed our system also affects the rate of our aging process. Normally, skin elasticity and collagen production declines from age 25 onwards.
Anti-Wrinkle 55 for wrinkles
The epidermis or the outer layer of our skin contains epidermal cells which serve as the first line of our defense. Younger skin contains a tougher outer covering which is what we see on the surface of our body (including the face.) When this layer becomes thinner with time, then the skin reduces its ability to trap moisture and makes the skin look dry.

Epidermal cell production decreases by 10% every decade, which results in a slow-down of collagen production and elastin in the skin. This means that the turnover of skin cells is reduced. Older skin cells stay longer, physically making the person look old and wrinkles appear.

The second factor is the extrinsic aging which is basically the effect of the environment on our skin. IUV or ultraviolet rays are a major concern of dermatologists. Not only do these cause skin to age prematurely but these may also cause diseases (such as cancer of the skin.) Photo-aging is the term used by dermatologists for skin damage caused by constant exposure to sun.

Laugh lines and frown lines appear due to repetitive use of the muscles under the skin in certain areas. Smoking, crash diets or long term illness are also factors that may cause aging.

Believe it or not, the position that we usually take while sleeping also affects our skin. And of course swimmers and other athletes who are constantly exposed to sun and water have to take extra precautions since these elements also cause skin damage and early wrinkling of skin.

There are two ways to delay and prevent skin aging and wrinkles

The natural way means getting enough exercise, rest, and good nutrition and while maintaining a good outlook on life. If you have a healthy body, this helps your outer shell (the skin) cope as well.

The second way can be attained through the help of skin care science, meaning using treatments like creams, medication and surgery. There are several skin care products you can choose from, though it is best to consider the company that sells it first before buying.

Anti Wrinkle 55 wrinkle cream is the answer to our quest to correct or eliminate the appearance of premature lines and remove wrinkles. It is a natural skin firming product which contains Argireline which could reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent further development of it.

Argireline has a Botolinum effect to the skin. It is just like having a Botox alternative
, but better since it has the capacity to bring out hydration to the skin.