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Products to Solve Female Hair Loss Problems

Every person loses around 100 follicles everyday. Unfortunately, millions of women lose even more. While aging and heredity can be the first reason for female hair loss, this is not the only reason. Thyroid problems, anemia and even childbirth can also be a major cause of hair loss in women.

There are hair products available to combat female hair loss.

Hair loss among women should be a cause for major concern. All over the world women suffering from excessive hair loss have been searching for ways to stop this embarrassing phenomenon. But here’s some good news for all of you victims out there. There are some products now available in the market specifically formulated to reduce your hair loss problems. But with thousands of products out there, finding the right one for your hair has become as much a problem!

Products with Silk Proteins and Emu oil have also proven to be effective in cleaning the scalp and maintaining its natural balance. Too much perm, coloring, and chemicals can lead to further loss and thinning. Using cheap shampoos and gels, sprays and styling lotions can only aggravate this problem by clogging the follicles and the root. Most sufferers have problems with buildup of sebum, dirt and bacteria in their roots. Shampoos containing jojoba oil can help you cleanse of these buildups.

After shampooing, you can also try massaging your scalp. A few minutes of massaging in the scalp can stimulate your follicles and increase blood flow through your scalp. It can also unclog some of the remaining dirt that blocks the oil glands. Healthier scalp equals healthier hair.

Other causes of thinning hair in women can be poor diet and exercise.

What you eat will definitely affect your hair. If your diet in not balanced, your strands will suffer. So avoid sweet, fatty and high-calorie foods. Eat a balanced diet with lots of proteins and vegetables. Eating right will not only make you look right, it will also make your hair stronger and healthier. Likewise, shampoos and conditioners containing B vitamins, zinc and amino acids will help.

There are also some supplements that you can take. They can be very affordable to quite expensive depending on the hair vitamins and minerals they contain. Do some research and find out which have good reviews. Ask your physician on what vitamins are good for you as well as your body.

While there is really no 100% guaranteed solutions to hair loss, there are numerous products that can help you in reducing or reversing its effects. It will take several months before you can see their effects so patience is definitely a must.

And remember: while professionals and beauticians can be a good source of information when it comes to effective products for women's hair loss, your doctor is still the best source of information when it comes to medication for your hair. Use the recommended dosage by your physician to get the best results. Read more about products for women’s hair loss.