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Preventing Stretchmarks while Pregnant

Stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy. Most women will get scarring unless they take specific measures in order to avoid them. These unsightly, silverish-gray lines can vary in intensity from very small to very large. And, occur as the fetus grows and stretches the tissue and skin of the abdomen and stomach.

What Causes Stretchmarks When You Are Pregnant?

Scarring is caused when the skin stretched its maximum point. Though elastic and resilient, it is often not enough elasticity to allow for extensive stretching, as is commonly seen in pregnancy, rapid weight gain, or even while muscle building. Therefore, it is imperative that your skin be in its best possible condition before and during pregnancy in order to avoid getting stretchmarks.

How Can I Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy?

Stretch marks can be prevented with advanced formula creams and lotions designed to improve elastin (elasticity) and moisture content of the skin cell membranes and affected tissue.
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Many of the ingredients found in these creams provide natural elements to stay fully hydrated and retain its elasticity. This is very important to prevent tearing and ripping of epidermis tissue as the fetus grows.

What Are the Ingredients in Stretchmark Products

There are many ingredients in a good stretch mark prevention cream. Emu oil is essential. It is one substance that can penetrate deep enough to help hydrate and plump the skin so that marks don't appear.

However, this is not the only essential ingredient. Aloe and Shea butters help to renew and smooth the skin.

Collagen is important as well, because this substance is what helps skin retain its elasticity. This will help to prevent tearing since the skin can stretch more easily and still retain its original shape. As with most treatments, prevention is the best cure. Particularly during pregnancy, keeping stomach and abdomen tissue moisturized and rejuvenating collagen and elastin fibers is paramount.

Using a cream developed specifically for preventing marks and scars like Strimedix-SM is one of your best bets to recover quickly from pregnancy with clear, smooth skin!

When Should I Start Treatment?

While most manufacturers’ recommend using this type of stretch mark cream in the second trimester to avoid the stretch marks associated with pregnancy, you can begin using a product as soon as you get it. Stretching and tearing of the tissue are the primary causes of scars, so the sooner you are able to begin treating, the greater the chances prevention or healing will occur.

We recommend beginning use when you begin to "show", though many women start as soon as they know they are pregnant. The sooner you begin application the better your chances that marks will not occur. Prevention is much easier than repair and insuring your skin around your belly, stomach, waist and hips areas are fully hydrated and pliable, the less likely stretching and tearing of tissue will occur.

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